8 Signs that you have been living in the North of Singapore for too long


Last Updated on 2016-05-31 , 5:25 pm

So, one of our colleagues was writing about signs you have been living in the West and I was like, hey, how about those people in the North, South, East and Centre? Being a North person, I hence took it upon myself to write another version, but this time, it is about the North. So, to all Northern people, this is for you.

1) Close to the Zoo
Basically, the Singapore zoo is like in Mandai, and if you look at the Singapore map, you will realise that Mandai is closer to the North. So, technically, we Northerners are way closer to the zoo than the others.

2) Nee Soon vs Yi Shun
For those Northerners and Yishuners, you probably know this but for the Southern, Central, Eastern and Western factions, you probably might think that Nee Soon is different from Yishun but you are wrong! Yishun=Nee Soon!

3) Why so far?
From personal experience, all the best meet-up places with your friends are probably somewhere in town or in Jurong or Harbourfront etc. Basically, anywhere except the North, unless you count Causeway Point. And Northerners sure know how far it is by MRT/bus.

4) Train Always Break Down
Since we Northerners live in the North, we always have to take the red line, which, out of so many lines, have the most number of breakdowns. So, ask for any disadvantage about living in the North and you will probably get this answer.

5) Longest Station Gap ever
The North side has also one mega-attraction: The distance between Khatib and Yio Chu Kang!


Apparently, it is reported that a Disneyland was slated to be built there but it was scrapped in the end and replaced with AN INSANELY LONG MRT RIDE!!

6) Hot Spring
Here is another mega-attraction: The Sembawang Hot Springs! Best of all, the North Side is the only side to have a hot spring in Singapore! Suck on that, East; West; South and Central factions!

7) Upper Thomson Road
Every Northerner’s favourite night supper haunt!

8) NorthPoint City
Expected to be completed by at least 2018, NorthPoint Shopping Mall will be upgraded to NorthPoint City so as to contend with the likes of Nex; Vivo: Ion etc. Not only will it be the LARGEST shopping centre in the entire North Region, it will also be the first shopping mall in Singapore to have a CC in a shopping centre!


Image: forums.elderscrollsonline.com

Worker’s Party just agree with PAP on something, but there’s another reason why they did that. Watch this to the end and you’ll understand:

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