8 Signs that You Love a Person Instead of Just Being Attracted to Him or Her


Last Updated on 2017-07-12 , 1:33 pm

It’s natural that we are attracted to certain things that are different from others. Some like cute stuff while others do not.

Same goes for people.

It is always that initial attraction, be it to the appearance or not, that makes us notice someone and start to admire him/her. However, as time passes, you start to realise that you do not simply want to be friends or look from afar. It seems that some deeper feelings have developed.

Here are some signs that you have started to fall in love. Just signs, of course, so don’t cast it to stone.

You constantly check if that person is online and if there’s any tiny update on social media
When you WhatsApp that person, you can’t stand waiting for a reply. Looking at his/her last seen, you keep checking if he/she is online already every few minutes. You also follow all of his/her social media that exists.

You like every post or photo or update and you try to comment whenever you can, just to grab his or her attention. You want to follow every happening in his/her life but don’t want to scare that person away. It’s tough work, but it’s also…satisfying.


Your feelings are not yours but that person’s
When he/she is sad, you are. When that certain someone is excited, you’re excited too. You wanting to share feelings does not stop just there. In fact, if you could, you would like to have a hug to console him/her or even to congratulate. Your feelings fluctuate along with that person. You no longer only feel for yourself.

You treat the opposite sex like your family but not with that person
With other people of the opposite sex, you can hug them and be alone with them, being very natural and not awkward at all. However, when you’re alone with that person, you suddenly get nervous, maybe not knowing what to do. Your heart starts pumping. That’s love, my friend.

You find yourself wanting his/her attention all the time
You have never been the attention seeker. You’ve always liked hiding in a corner doing your own things. Yet, whenever that person is around, you want to do your best and make him/her notice it. Maybe if he notices you, you stand a higher chance?

You feel damn disappointed if you can’t see and talk to that person for one day
You don’t know why but a good day can just be ruined when you find out you can’t even look at him/her once. All you wanted was to hear that cheerful sweet voice or that one eye contact that can make any day the best.

His/her one phrase can make your heart go up, down, left, right
So, what does he/she mean by that? Does that person like me too? Or maybe, he just meant I’m a super close friend? Oh no, but really what does that mean? And you’ll be arguing with yourself like that for an entire day.

In other words, you overthink like siao.

You’re naturally unhappy if that person is hanging out with the opposite gender
Sour grapes, huh? This is called jealousy. And if you’re experiencing this, the deal is sealed. It’s love. Love. Love.

That person floats in your mind ALL the time
You can’t eat, sleep. talk, study, work….without thinking about that person. Really, you still think there’s another reason for this? No, no, no. Only love explains all this.

Now, if you fulfil all the signs…what are you waiting for? Time waits for no one, my friend.

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