8 signs that you’re ready to get married


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

It’s always a girl’s dream to wear the white gown and walk down the aisle of the church with the love of your life. But before you do that, are you mentally prepared to face marriage life? If you tick at least 6 boxes below, you might want to start dropping hints to your partner =)

1. Be prepared to fight for the toilet in the morning. You used to occupy the toilet all by yourself and no one is there to rush you to come out and you can take your own sweet time until you are ready.

2. Be prepared to split the household chores. You might not have to do any household chores other than washing your inner wears while staying with your parents. But once you are married and going to stay with his parents, you must be able to take over some of the household chores and relieve the parents of their duties.

3. Be prepared to compromise with your partner’s habits like throwing worn clothes all over the place because they are simply too tired& lazy to put it into the laundry bag, snoring of your partner (especially if you are a light sleeper), not flushing the toilet after use, nose digging while watching movies/football matches, not washing the dishes after meals, not brushing the teeth before bedtime and used cotton-buds (for ear wax) are lying everywhere etc.

4. Before marriage, you can always go home and ignore your partners’ calls during quarrels and complain to your parents while crying your heart out and have an option to say “Lets Break Up”. But after marriage, you must be able to learn how to resolve the problems independently without being a mummy’s boy or daddy’s girl. A lot of sickening and tedious paperwork and costs will be incurred for filing a divorce.

5. Before marriage, you have the absolute freedom to go out anytime with your friends, maybe twice every week but after marriage, your partner and your in-laws might not like it when you go out too often and coming back too late at nights. You should be able to explain to your friends instead of blaming your partner for not giving you the freedom you want.


6. Occasionally, you sleep over at your partner’s house before marriage and things can be very sweet as you don’t see each other every day and one will always try to look at his/her best, maybe putting on make –up before your partner wakes up =) After marriage, both of you stay under the same roof, facing each other everyday. As time goes by, you will start seeing your partner wearing uncle singlet or auntie underwear before going to bed every day.

7. For those staying with in-laws, be prepared to greet your parent-in-laws whenever you reach home, putting on a smile regardless of how tired you are as form of respect. You have to have dinner with them at least once every week to build up the rapport.

8. You used to have the whole wardrobe to yourself but now you have to split your wardrobe with your partner. For some ladies, they really have so many clothes that you might have to give up some of your space to accommodate them. Sometimes your clothes get mixed up and you are rushing for work but couldn’t find your favorite pants or shirts. You might wonder, there are only 365 days in a year, why is there a need to buy so many clothes?? Well guys, accept the facts. Women need different clothes, different bags, different shoes, different jewelry & accessories for different occasions. You might only own 1/3 of your room after marriage while the rest belongs to your wife with all their barang barang =)

So, are you prepared for it? =)

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