8 signs that will disclose whether a guy is currently serving NS


Last Updated on 2016-06-01 , 3:11 pm

Do you know that people in NS usually know what date today is without even batting an eye, and can tell you how many weekdays there are left before the end of the month?

In fact, some of them are so obsessed that they paste a calendar inside their cupboard and cross every single day that has passed.

#truestory, because limpeh did it before lah.

This is just one of the signs to tell whether a guy is in NS without asking explicitly. If you have just known a someone and are wondering whether he could be in NS, try checking whether he exhibits any of these signs:

1. He has high slope hairstyle, black hair, extremely short nails and looks very lean
Physically, most NSFs (NSF stands for someone who is serving his mandatory two-year NS) have this look. As for being lean, that depends on how long he has enlisted—if he is going to ORD soon, he will look slightly flabbier. If not, he’ll be lean, usually with a six-pac. Usually lah, not all. After all, you do know that all this is an overgeneralization, right?

2. He likes McDonald’s, KFC and Subway
Because during weekdays, all he gets is chicken, broccoli, more chicken, more broccoli, and rice. Plentiful of rice. Burgers don’t exist in the army camp, so we really thank God that McDelivery exists.


3. He uses slight more expletives than the average Joe
Because, you know, when we see our platoon mates, even during reservist, our standard greeting is this: “Eh, che*by*, how are you, man? Long time no f*cking see you leh! What you f*cking up to?” You don’t expect us to shake hands and say, “Nice to see you again,” do you?

4. He carries a phone without camera (army only)
Arh, this used to be the best way to differentiate a civilian and an NSF. An NSF usually carries the oldest Nokia phone then, because camera phones were not allowed. Now, it has all changed. How fun it was when we all bought the same phone.

5. He uses only green cards for identification purposes (army only)
Some of us try to use our driving licence, but hey, our driving licence looks green, too. In other words, when you see green cards in his wallet and not a shade of pink / blue, that is an army boy.

6. He cherishes every minute during the weekend and refuses to sleep
Because time is now so scarce that entire weekends must be fully productive. Leave sleep to weekdays.


7. He seldom wears army T-shirt / singlet / shoes out
Remember this formula well:
During two-year NS: Avoid all army-related merchandises when we’re out of the camp
Completed two-year NS: Got extra e-mart credits? Buy army-related merchandises and wear regularly. Damn comfortable.

8. He remembers dates and days well
Remember the cupboard thingy mentioned in the first paragraph? It’s really a #truestory

So if you need to plan a long weekend getaway, talk to an NSF. He can even tell you how many days you need to work before your getaway.

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