8 simple five-minute exercises you can do at home and lose weight like crazy


Last Updated on 2017-05-19 , 6:28 pm

If you’re constantly griping about the lack of time and complex equipment giving you a hard time completing your workouts, gripe no more – with these 5 minute exercises, you’re sure to burn optimal calories, all in the space of minimal time and costs! And did I mention that it will also rev up your metabolism for the rest of the day?

Jumping rope
Get the momentum going, and you can burn up to 68 calories. 68! I knew jumping rope was a real calorie-burner, but I never knew that it burnt that much.

Do walking lunges down your hallway for 5 minutes and you would have effectively burnt 45 calories.

A quick run around your HDB block can burn up to 62 calories, and if done fast might not even hit 5 minutes. If you’re lazy to go out, just run around your house at a fast pace and try not to knock over anything.

Whoever said that exercising is a menial task should jump out of the window – dancing is a form of exercise and an effective one at that. 5 minutes of grooving intensely to your favourite Kpop music video could burn up to 45 calories.

One set of do-as-many-push-ups-as-you-can and you could burn up to 45 calories, and it probably hadn’t even hit 2 minutes yet.


Do those crunches fast and you could burn up to 40 calories in one sitting. In addition, your abdominal area would be feeling more solid than it had in years.

Jogging in place
Apparently jogging in place for 5 minutes could burn up to 45 calories.

Sex is famous for being among the most strenuous of physical activities, and it’s a reputation well deserved – a 30-minute session could burn up to 150 calories, meaning even a 5 minute one could burn 25 calories. Oh and it feels great too. Unless you can’t last 5 minutes…

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