8 simple tips for a skin so clear and smooth you’ll be envied by others

How to get a smooth, clearer skin?

This question has been haunting us for so long! At some point, we have hydrated ourselves enough, sleep enough, eat nutritious food enough; but that smooth skin just won’t follow the habit. We have tried so many products that promise to get rid of blemish for good; or transform the skin overnight. All we got is the disappointment. Hence, instead of searching for a magic bullet to get that smooth skin, why not try these small routines that could actually make your skin glow.

Sun screen, ladies!
This is a million-time advice you have probably heard; which you shouldn’t ignore.
Wearing sunscreen is the most important thing to do if you say you love your skin. It protects our skin from sun exposure, which could lead to wrinkles and aging signs! After all, it’s better to prevent than to fix. This daily routine is an effortless way you can do that will avoid UVA and UVB rays. Choose sun screen with SPF 30 to protect your skin from any premature aging.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Water is a good substance to keep your body hydrated but sometimes we don’t drink enough of it. The trick is to hydrate your skin using a hydrating agent that contains none clogging property. It helps to reduce wrinkles and gives a boost to your skin texture. Hydrating agent comes in form of moisturizer, serum or lotion.

Wash your face no more than 2 times a day
Did you know that washing your face too often can remove the natural oil from your skin? When you think that washing your face often could remove the dirt, it also removes the natural moisturizer produced in your skin. The most effective way is to clean your face 2 times a day, in the morning and before you go to sleep.
Use toner after washing your face because toner works to clean off the dirt while keeping the pH of your skin, balanced.

Mask up
Mask up
Masking your face once a week can open clogs and remove the dirt. It works to clean the excessive oil or the hidden bacteria out of your skin. There are many ingredients you can try based on your skin type.

Don’t pick it!
Don’t pick it pimples
Just don’t!
No matter how revolutionary your daily treatment is, if you can’t resist the temptation to pick or squeeze a pimple, your skin will never be smoother. Squeezing a pimple to breakout can actually lead to scarring (permanently!)
When you press your pimples, it causes distress. Hence, it’s better to leave it to the pro by scheduling an appointment with your beautician.

Be Patient, please!
Every product doesn’t come with a zap button to make your skin smoother overnight. We tend to quickly switch a product to something we found in store just because it doesn’t give any positive effect in days. The result may not come in a hurry but rest assured that when you do a daily care for your skin, you will be rewarded with a smoother, vibrant skin.

Clean your makeup sponges and brushes
While it’s good to focus on your skin care, it’s also necessary to clean the tools you’re using to apply the make up. Dirt that harbors on sponges or brushes can lead to bacteria formation. Thus, schedule once in a month to clean those brushes. In the lukewarm water, drop a small amount of shampoo and start swishing your brushes in. Pat it and let it completely dry under the sun.


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