8 simple ways to know whether a girl is just taking you for a ride


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So you’ve recently entered into a relationship with this cute girl that just seems to occupy your mind all the time. She may be someone you’ve been pining after for a few months, or she may be that new colleague who just joined the office.

So far, everything’s been going great so far, and you’ve both had great fun going out on dates, but you just can’t seem to get rid of the suspicion that you might be liking her more than she likes you.

You didn’t want to believe it, but your mind just doesn’t let go of that thought. Well, if you’ve ever been in this predicament, and who hasn’t really, here are 8 simple ways to know whether a girl is just taking you for a ride or she’s really into you.

If she exhibits 5 of these 8 signs (we hope not), chances are, she’s just playing around with you till she gets a better choice. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but hey, at least you can let go early, bro.

She wants her own space, or we should say, a whole block of space
Sometimes, she seemed really into you, but at other times, she seemed to be out of you. It’s confusing and it’s driving you out of your mind, but when you talked about this, she says it’s to make you miss her even more. Sounds legit, except if she’s into you at all, she wouldn’t want to NOT meet you for a couple of days unless she’s just fooling around with you and meeting other guys as well.

She just got out of a relationship
This could be, perhaps, the most apparent danger sign of all. After all, she’s been with this guy for some time, and no matter how much she tries to deny it, she’ll still have feelings for her ex. It’s normal. What’s not normal is that almost immediately after she broke off with him, she’s with you. It’s not because she loves you, she just hates the feeling of being alone after having a boyfriend for some time. Sounds trivial, right? Unfortunately, most girls do that.


She refuses to be your girlfriend but does girlfriend stuff for you
If she wants to be your friend but does girlfriend stuff for you like kissing, holding hands and hugging, she’s just leading you around by your nose. It’s usually the other way round, with girls wanting legitimate status before doing anything for you. She’s just using your love to feel better about herself.

She wants you to buy her stuff that is way out of your paycheck
She knows your financial situation (unless you lied to her about it) yet she still expects to be treated and pampered like a princess without an ounce of care for your situation. If that doesn’t scream “red alert”, what does? Which girl that’s seriously into you wouldn’t care about your well-being?

She talks about her love life – yes, exes included
When she starts talking about her exes, 1) she’s not respecting you and 2) she can’t forget about her ex. It’s time to get out before you get burned.

It’s all about what she wants
If you feel that your relationship is all about catering to her, and she doesn’t really care whether you get what you want from the relationship, it simply means she’s stringing you along. She might claim it’s because she doesn’t know her feelings for you exactly, although she knows she has feelings for you, but make no mistake, she knows. And the answer is “No”.


She wants you to listen to her problems and console her, but she wouldn’t do that for you
It might be a subconscious thing, or she could just be that self-centered but you come to realise that she loves talking about her life’s problems and “mistakes”, and you’ll be there to comfort, hold and console her. When it comes to you and talking about your problems, she’s just not that interested. News flash – she doesn’t care about you. If she has to fall in love, she’ll rather pick looking into a mirror.

She keeps comparing you to the guy who caught her heart
So she loved her ex a lot, and she keeps telling you about him and saying how much better you are compared to him. Should you be happy? No. She’s still can’t let go of him, and the moment he asked for her back, she’s going to dump your sorry ass and be back with him in a flash. Honestly, how long do you think the relationship can last if you’re forever in her ex’s shadow?

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