8 Softy Facts about Fierce Man Richard Low (刘谦益) You Probably Didn’t Know

Most people won’t recognize his name, but take a look at his face and you’d most probably go, ohhh, that fierce ‘limpeh’ guy ah?

Having been cast as the bad guy at the beginning of his acting career, he’s typically seen as a fierce person, and his roles requiring him to curse and swear in dialect doesn’t help as well.

Do you have the same sentiments? If you do, well, here are 8 interesting facts about this fierce uncle that you probably didn’t know.

He started out as a theatre actor

He started out as a theatre actor and did not have the interest in acting at all initially. He was signed up by a friend for an audition with Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) which he went, and that was when he fell in love with acting.

He’s young at heart

He likes to tell people that he’s 18 years of age with an extra 45 years of life experience. He firmly believes that he can do what young people can do, just not as quick and with lesser risk.

He has Instagram

And if you thought it only extends to physical activities, then you’re wrong. He has his own Instagram account with over 14,000 followers, and he even figured out the trick to getting more followers on social media.

He mentioned that he once got younger actress Jessica Liu to take a selfie with him and post it on Instagram. He got extra 2,000 to 3,000 followers within a few hours. Impressive, huh?

He likes to wear “young people” clothes

Contrary to his roles on screen, he doesn’t like to wear ‘uncle’ clothes. He’ll wear colours suitable for his age, but wear “young people” cut, and he especially loves skinny jeans.

He likes “young people” activities

At the age of 63 years old, he likes hip hop compared to line dancing because it makes him feel livelier and younger. He has pictures and videos of himself jet skiing and banana boating with his friends. In fact, he even holds a diving license.

He’s always willing to learn

He knows that social media is the way to go and actively learn how to use social media to maintain his popularity. He uses an application on his smartphone to figure out the correct pronunciation of his English lines in scripts.

He’s honest and vain

In an interview with Today, he admitted that he’s vain and he sucks in his tummy every time he has to take a photo.

He still has goals

You would have thought after such success, he would be happy to stop and rest but no, he’s not; he wants to speak simple but grammatically correct English, and expressed that he wants to do more projects for Channel 5.

Now, after knowing these facts about Richard Low, tell me he’s not the coolest and the hippest uncle you’ve ever seen.

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