8 super-fascinating facts about 4Fingers that’ll make you love them more

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10 years ago, when people say KFC, the first thing that comes to your mind would be Kentucky Fried Chicken. Fast forward a few years later, and now when people say KFC, they might mean the fast food chain or Korean Fried Chicken.

When people talk about Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore, the first name that comes to mind will definitely be 4Fingers. You’ll have to be living under a rock if you’ve not known this brand.

If you love them, here’s 8 facts about this iconic Korean Fried Chicken brand that might just make you love them even more.

They’re a local brand
Yup, that’s right. With their specialty being Korean Fried Chicken, most people have the misconception that this is a Korean brand, but nope, it’s actually a home-grown brand that started their first store in ION Orchard in 2009.

How the owners came across this concept of Korean Fried Chicken
You would have thought that with this being Korean Fried Chicken, they must have gotten the idea from Korea, right? Nope. The previous owners of this iconic brand, four of them which are not named, came across this concept when they encountered eateries in New York selling Korean Fried Chicken and wanted to bring it back to Southeast Asia. Interesting, isn’t it?

The original owners of 4Fingers are no longer with the company
CEO Steen Puggaard and a business man active in mergers and acquisitions now solely own the company while the original owners of 4Fingers has left after the acquisition.

CEO Steen Puggaard left 4Fingers before
Puggaard was invited to help expand the business in 2013, but after seeing the owners’ unwillingness in investing in the business, he decided to leave. He told them to call him “when they’re ready”. He rejoined the company in 2014 and became CEO in October 2014.

4Fingers is going international
If you thought 4Fingers is impressive for being a local brand, you’re going to be even more impressed. They project to have 15 stores in Singapore and 20 in Malaysia, and they’re targeting markets like Australia, US and Europe.

DBS and POSB cards gets discount
If you’re a DBS or POSB card holder, here’s some great news for you. You’re eligible for the following promotions.

Image: gimme4fingers.com

Students, you really don’t want to miss this
If you’re a student, and you happen to be at Plaza Singapura from 2pm to 6pm on Mondays to Fridays, you’ll definitely want to know this.

4fingers 3
Image: plazasingapura.com.sg

There’s a hidden gem in the 4Fingers menu
Okay, when it comes to 4Fingers, the choice that you have to make is probably garlic soy, spicy or mixed, right? You’re missing out. Their Katsu Chicken Sandwich is seriously impressive, and we’ll urge you to try it at least once in your life.

4fingers 1
Image: markanarts.com