8 surprising benefits of sleeping with a bolster you didn’t expect!


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:30 pm

They support the body.
Bolsters are orthopaedic tools. Basically, that means that they can be used to prevent sprains and body aches.

They are safer than pillows.
It’s better to give them to babies and toddlers as compared to giving them pillows. Bolsters are usually stiffer and thus, are less risky as they are less likely to muffle the kid’s breathing when sleeping.

They have a comforting psychological effect.
Studies have shown that snuggling up to something can help the sleeper to relax.

They promote good posture.
Hugging a bolster to sleep while resting on your sides can straighten the back while sleeping. This encourages good posture such as keeping your back straight and standing tall.

They relieve tension.
Bolsters can be placed under the neck for better support. This helps to relieve the muscle tension that have been accummulated over a long day.

They improve sleep quality.
Other than the advantages listed above, they also help to improve sleep quality by adjusting to your posture. This is especially so if you sleep on your sides, as having a bolster between your legs can relieve the stress on the bottom leg.


They can help you to recover from back injuries.
Sleeping with a bolster just above your hip can help to relieve the pressure on your hipbone. This is beneficial to people with back issues such as scoliosis.

They enhance blood circulation.
By using bolsters to elevate certain parts of your body such as the legs or feet, it helps the blood there to return smoothly to the heart, so that the heart doesn’t need to work as hard.

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