8 sweet facts about our celebrity couple, Christopher Lee & Fann Wong


While Hollywood has Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, we Singapore have a hot couple that makes everyone envious as well: Christopher Lee and Fann Wong.

While everyone is now talking about QI Yiwu and Joanne Peh, Christopher Lee and Fann Wong is the first couple that captured most of our attention, so we decided to find some interesting facts about our favourite celebrity couple!

Christopher Lee calls Fann Wong “Baby”
Awww…how sweet can that be? Even after their son was born, Christopher Lee is still calling Fann Wong “Baby”. Awww…

Christopher Lee is Fann Wong’s second love
That is if we don’t count all those romances she had in her shows.  Before that, she was in a relationship with a businessman for eleven years. Wow.

They argue over their son but always resolve them
Just like any couple, they have their fair share of arguments and, well, always resolve them at the end of the day. Does it remind you of the days when couples argue on TV shows?

Their baby was born on Singapore National Day
Zed Lee, a baby boy, was born on 9 August 2014. He’s officially an SG49!

They kept their relationship secret for almost three years
They were together in 2002 but only admitted to their relationship on 2005. During this period, there were already rumours circulating like siao lah.

It was, after all, really Return Of The Condor Heroes that linked them romantically
After starring together in the highly popular Return Of The Condor Heroes, there were rumours that the couple were romantically linked. Apparently, Fann Wong broke up with her boyfriend a year after that and well, the rest is history.


Christopher Lee thanked Fann Wong during the Golden Bell Awards
And Fann Wong wasn’t even there. Aww…

Their wedding car was a Rolls Royce
Okay, maybe it’s normal for a rich couple to use a Rolls-Royce as a wedding car, but…Rolls Royce leh OMFG!


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