8 things you definitely have experienced when you get a new job


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:53 pm

Transition from one employment to another is a common practice in today’s society. People may switch jobs because of various reasons. But in the present article, I’m not going to go through the whole shenanigans of how changing your career is beneficial or bad for you, but to share my experience of what somebody will typically experience when they change a job.

1) Uneasiness
You feel so uneasy in your new office. Everything feels different and you start to momentarily panic, wondering if this is a right move.

 2) Boredom
I don’t know about you but my previous employment was in a fast paced environment. When I left to pursue my interest, I joined another company and I feel like I just switched the TV channel from an action packed to a draggy drama. The people walking past you seem to be moving in slow motion; the second hand on the clock is ticking even s-l-o-w-e-r…

3) Different perks
Previously, even though you may not be a snacking person, you had a pantry filled with goodies that one day you will eat when you feel the munch. But looking at your new barren pantry, you feel less secured and your backup food is not available.

4) Lonely toilet sessions
You used to the toilet with your fellow female colleagues, sneaking a few gossips here and there. You would compliment each other’s hair, makeup and clothes. You may experience the occasional awkward conversations with colleagues you were unfamiliar with but were residing in the same office as you. But now, your toilet is directly in the office and you go toilet alone. Walking across the office to the washroom seems like a draggy affair, as you no longer have that colleague to distract you from the loneliness.

5) Maturity of colleagues
You used to be surrounded by young people and that seems so normal to you. Now, the young eye candies that constantly walked past you seemed to be much older with wrinkles.
The eye candies are no longer candies, but the shriveled sour plums that are lurking around behind the old dusty tables.


6) Conversational topics
You used to be able to try to come up with topics with your colleagues, because it seemed so natural. You forgot how awkward talking is during your initial phase. You are now right back to that phase, and whatever topics are always repetitive: where you study, where you stay, what you want to eat for lunch….

7) Treading with care
Your colleagues are different now; you put back the facade you once had before you became comfortable. You tread carefully among your new colleagues, not knowing who can trust. You are also constantly curious if you are being judged or evaluated by anyone around you. This feels uncomfortable.

8) Meeting up with ex colleagues
After going through a day of discomfort, you will ask to throw yourself back to those familiar faces, those who know who you are and accepts it. It’s so natural to have dinner and talk about things as though you are still associated with the previous company. You wonder if as time goes by, will you experience something like that with your present colleagues

Life is uncertain and new environments induce anxiety. However, looking past that phase and integrating yourself into the company, you will start to see your colleagues in a new light, the same way how you see your ex colleagues. Life goes on and always bear in mind the infamous quote of Barney Stinson: “New is always better.” chant that in your heart for five times and you will be golden.

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