8 Things girlfriends secretly hope their boyfriends will do


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:19 am

Girls can be hopeless romantics sometimes and while they may not show it to you, there are still certain fantasies in their mind that they want you to do for them. These things might seem like they’re only meant for movies/dramas but they can really melt a girl’s heart.

Pop up randomly with a bouquet of flowers
Unless she’s allergic to pollen or has some feud with flowers. Then what? Get her a bouquet of fake flowers (those made of Ferrero Rocher). Even the most unromantic girl on earth would have had at least once dreamed of being greeted by a bouquet on a normal weekday afternoon for no reason. Because that just speaks of how much you care.

Kiss her in front of her friends and your friends
This sounds crazy because public kisses only appear in real life for weddings. A kiss is a seal of love. And you’re pretty much declaring your love for her in front of witnesses. She may be a little embarrassed but the sweetness she felt will be much much more.

Go to the movies for a chick flick
Get 2 tickets ready and enjoy it. Repay her for going through with all your action movies by laughing with her at a chick flick. There’s nothing embarrassing about watching chick flicks. It’s more embarrassing when you don’t even sacrifice a little male pride for her.

Get her daily dose of drink right without her telling you
That’s the thing with man. Women can remember whether you like coffee black or with milk, whether you need 1 spoon of sugar or 1 cube while all you can do is ask her what coffee she wants when she really drinks the same old earl grey tea with you every morning. This subtle change in you may be little but it can mean a lot to her.

Make sure that the McDonald’s delivery gets to her when she texts you she wants supper
You can make the McDonald’s deliverers do it but things get better when she thinks you’re chatting with her on the phone but you’re just suddenly in front of her house the next minute.

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Plan a surprise date
On one hand, you tell her you have too much work to do and asks her to just hang around in your house. On the other, you’ve got the whole day’s activities planned out. Just make sure you don’t plan hiking when she hates outdoor activities nor do you plan to go to a musical when she’s a water sports person. Gotta do it the way she likes it. Or you can simply deliver a sweet dress to her and invite her for dinner.

Make her feel like the queen when she’s on her period
No, not irritating her is not good enough. Get her her daily box of chocolates or whatever comfort food she indulges in for her period. Do what she tells you and also what she does not. Nothing is more heartwarming than a boyfriend who is so caring.

Go on a short getaway 
One that is secretly planned by you. It can just be a short vacation of 2 or 3 days. It can be nearby countries or even a staycation. What matters is that you bothered to plan for it and surprised her. And that you are the one by her side.