8 things that cannot be given as a gift in Singapore


Buying presents for birthdays, anniversaries and important occasions is common but have you ever wondered if you bought any gift that the recipient disliked?

In Singapore, there are actually some taboos for gift buying.

In general:

Gifting shoes to someone means giving him the ability to run away. Unless you are sending a subtle breakup message, do not use shoes as a present no matter how much the receiver likes it. Better be safe than sorry.

Sharp Objects
Scissors, swiss knives and even cutting utensils that are common housewarming gifts should be avoided as gifts. In the first place, sharp objects are dangerous and do not bode well. Also, the fact that sharp objects can cut things and separate them suggests that relationships will be severed or broken.

Flowers can be sent as symbols of affection or respect but do take note of the type of flowers chosen. For Chinese, do not gift them white flowers or chrysanthemums as they are used to pay respect for the dead or during funeral. For Indians, avoid frangipani (a kind of flower wreath) as they are use for sending off the dead during a funeral. No one likes to be cursed as the dead so take note!

For Chinese

Books in Chinese sounds like the word ‘lose’. Take care to never use this as a present, especially for people involved in stocks or like to gamble or participating in important competitions. Unless you want to get blamed when they lose, be it money or fame.

Green Hat
Green hat is a big taboo to gift Chinese men because when a man wears a green hat, it means his wife is cheating on him. You definitely will not want to be the reason for a divorce.

Or any other timepieces like watches. Giving clocks sounds just like sending you to death in Chinese. Unless you will be happy when someone wishes you death, remember to never ever use clocks as gifts.


For Malays/Muslims

Non-halal things
Check for alcohol or pork contents when buying food for souvenirs or simply do not purchase any food unless they are stated to be halal. Do not buy dogs as they cannot keep dogs as pets. It will be good to just check with them on what can or cannot be accepted. This is just simply a form of respect.

For Indians/Hindus

Leather products
This is especially leather made from real animals and even more so from that of a cow or an ox. A cow or an ox is an animal of high reverence in their religion/culture, therefore take note not to offend or disrespect them.

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