8 things we hate about Generation Y from Singapore & Malaysia


Last Updated on 2016-09-04 , 11:28 am

Before anything, let’s just say that in the office, all of us are Generation Y—that being said, we’re born between 1980 to 2000. Known also as the Millennials, we from Singapore and Malaysia have, well sort of, a pretty pampered life; most of us have not starved for days or were nearly killed in a war. In other words, because of how we were brought up, some of our traits are not exactly that desirable.

But still, employers like the Millennials because we’re a hybrid between the Gen-X and the Gen-Y: for we have the attitude to work hard (Gen-X) and work smart with technology (Gen-Z). Of course, we’re not implying that Gen-X people are more hardworking than those in Gen-Z, but…you go out see yourself lah.

So, what are the things we hate about the Millennials(i.e. ourselves!)? Here’re some.

1. Oppose to anything by authorities and seek to be defiant
The Government just come out with a policy? Oppose. National service coming soon? Don’t care about the repercussions without NS. Oppose. A new scheme in the company? Oppose, even before you’ve seen it. Schools have been trying to educate us to be critical in our thinking. And so, we become critical in everything.

2. They have expectations that are just so illogical
This is a trait that exists in the Strawberry Generation that we’ve written a week ago: i.e., they will request for high pay and expect simple or no work. And their reasoning for that mindset? Because their friends have it.

3. They’re angry about everything…when they’re online
They’re always angry, and finding someone to blame. They seem like the angriest people on the Internet, but in reality, they are a bunch of nice and mild people. Weird world, isn’t it?


4. They’ve unrealistic goals and dreams
Because they are the ones who see the growth of the Internet, and how people become billionaires with a website or an app, so they believe they can be the next Mark Zuckerberg, too. And so, they quit their jobs and tell the world that they’re starting a business. Ten years later, they’re still starting that “next-Facebook” business idea.

5. Their ego is too damn high
Must Millennials have no trouble putting food on the dining table, and so with their vast disposable income, what do they do? Their priority becomes a need to show others that they’re better…which leads to the next point.

6. They’re full of debts
Because for the Millennials, they’ll be able to have three meals a day even when they’re bankrupt. Well, at least for most of them. So they took the risk to appear rich, and usually, the consequences will lead to debts. Lots of them. Now you know why banks like the Millennials?

7. They’re overly competitive
It’s not a bad trait, but when one is so competitive that he or she harms others, it becomes an undesirable trait. You see, if everyone wants to win, then what happens to the losers? They’ll be angry—and according to #3, they’re already angry.

8. They’re a hybrid of technology
You see, the Millennials have been through a lot. They started with a fixed phone, pager, handphones and finally, now, smartphones. So some Millennials are still using SMS while some are using WhatsApp. It’s hard to predict whether one Millennial accepts or reject technology. Just don’t expect everyone who is born in 1990 to use WhatsApp. Some of them are still using SMS. Da 160 characters, yo!

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