8 valid reasons why Ryan Sylvia is the best celebrity couple ever


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:30 pm

Mainstream celebrity couples like Christopher Lee and Fann Wong usually attract a lot of attention, as everyone knows about the both of them, and wonder how life would be like for them behind the scenes.

In recent years, however, new media celebrities have emerged, primarily from YouTube, and they, too, came into the limelight. In Singapore, the most popular couple has to be Ryan and Sylvia, the two brains behind one of Singapore’s most successful YouTube channels, Night Owl Cinematics (NOC).

So, why do we think they’re the best couple? In fact, maybe even better than mainstream celebrity couples? Well, here’re why.

They’re funny
Everyone loves funny people. While you seldom see Ryan speaking, he does joke when he speaks in outtakes and well, funny = likeable.

They’re very real
You won’t see them sending press releases or whatnot. You’ll see them speaking in Hokkien or Mandarin during outtakes (though their videos are in English). And they’re not afraid to speak their mind (Ryan actively engages with people online).

They were married before we know them
When NOC became popular, they were already married. This means we didn’t get to see their romance blossoming, or see their wedding dinner. We see them as just one team, one couple and one Ryan Sylvia. Doesn’t that make us admire them more, since it’s one couple right from the start instead of two people coming together?


They’re a team made in heaven
One holds the camera and one holds the pen. Or something like that. We’re pretty sure it’s because of their teamwork that made their videos so popular.

They work together for every video
Unlike other celebrity couples that only get to work together in certain shows, Ryan and Sylvia work together in every video. Oh, isn’t that sweet?

They’re like the parents of Singapore YouTube industry
According to many YouTubers, they’re the ones who often advise and help others, therefore becoming their “parents”. On the other hand, they’re also one of the oldest lah, so it makes sense. (hopefully…they…won’t…be…reading…this).

Their logo is them
Do you see MediaCorp having a logo of Christoper Lee and Fann Wong? No? NOC has. It just makes us know that it’s one heck of a good couple.

They’re good-looking
Because we know they’ll not be reading this, so they’re good looking. Especially Ryan (when he’s…younger).

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