8 ways to attract the attention of your crush in school

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Dress differently from the crowd
Well, if everyone dresses up, you dress down. If they wear black, you wear red. Why? So that you stand out. If everybody notices you, your crush will too.

Be late for school
And walk into the class like modelling on a runway. Even the teacher will stare. The best is that you can walk through the front door. Well, this works only if your crush is in the same class/lecture.


Speak up with confidence
If you don’t speak at all, nobody will even notice your existence because the school is filled with people and a silent person may very well be easily forgotten. If you’re going to speak, be it answering or asking or presenting, make sure you do it confidently and smartly. Do not just ask a question just because and end up attracting attention for being a student who ask silly questions.

Make friends with his/her friends
If you’re not brave enough to make friends with your crush directly, then go find out who he/she always hangs out with. Make friends with one of them and you’ll be inside the social circle. At least he/she will notice you.

Tell your friend who your crush is
Or like a classmate. Since rumours spread faster than fire. Make it as if you’re reluctant to share but also make sure you don’t explicitly ask your friend to keep it a secret. After all, you want the news to somehow spread to your crush and anyone who heard of such thing will definitely be curious to at least find out who the person who likes him/her is. There you go, he/she is getting to know you.

Bump into him
This is oh-so-cliche and really quite shameless. You must also be able to gather up your courage to do it. At least you get to stare at him and say sorry. Still not too bad right?

Join a really cool club
If you can’t attract his attention, join a club that can. He might not notice you as an individual at first but if you work hard to make yourself shine, he will someday.

Borrow a pen
Or ask for the time. You can even borrow notes. Just whatever you know. Make up something so you can talk to him/her and at the same time, let yourself be known. You can even forget to return the pen so you can talk the second time. You can keep forgetting your pen and that will definitely be remembered by your crush. Which completes your seeking attention from your crush.