8 ways to forget someone you’ve once loved deeply


Last Updated on 2017-05-18 , 6:55 pm

Sometimes, breakups are inevitable. You know you’ll have to forget someone, but just couldn’t do it because every single thing, from the MRT to your bed, reminds you of him.

While experts would suggest that you “face the memories” instead of consigning them to the back of your mind, waiting for them to haunt you at every possible moment, it can sometimes be too painful and depressing. Well, all is not lost.

It might be difficult, it might take time and it would certainly be painful, but with enough effort and time, it can be done. Just follow these ways and you’ll be free of those memories!

Keep yourself busy
The old advice that is passed on by experienced people, you just need to keep yourself busy with work or school. With so many things to do, you won’t have the time nor energy to think about him. Just remember this: focus on your tasks and don’t spend your “busy moments” daydreaming. That’s not “busy”: that’s “pretending to be busy”.

Remove him from your phone and computer
In this technology era, we spend most of our times on our electronic devices, so having the images of him out of them is a good idea. If you need to change anything, changing them would be the best option.

Cut off all ties with him on social network
The key obstacle to forgetting someone is that compulsive urge to stalk him on social network. Do it the gambler’s way: ban yourself from stalking him by unfriending or unfollowing him, so you can’t see what he’s doing now.


Write diaries or blogs
This might seem counterproductive, but it does work. Reason being, you’ve put your memories in words, so they leave your mind and become something tangible that you can keep inside your cupboard.

Listen to happy or upbeat songs
Sad songs seem to have some hidden power to retrieve memories of your loved ones. Don’t let that happen—instead, opt for happy and upbeat songs, and you’ll be happier.

This is the magical cure for almost everything. If you want the science, it basically creates some kind of chemicals that makes you happier. So don’t avoid it anymore. Get moving!

Hang out with new friends
You know what’s the best way to forget someone? Find a new love. Everyone knows that while it seems like you’ve over someone too fast, it is that you’re over someone too fast, and that’s good. There’s no need to care about what others think: you’re responsible for your own happiness, not them.

Find a new goal
Get a degree, aim for a promotion or get a pet. When you’ve a new goal, you’ve a new focus, and you’ll have new worries. Worry about your new goals instead of thinking about him.

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