8 Ways To Keep A Distance From Your Ex

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In breakups, it is not the actual breaking up that is the toughest. Instead, trying to stay away from the person who, at one point, made you feel like the happiest person on Earth is the most difficult thing to do. It takes a lot of willpower – we know because we have been in your shoes before.

Just one simple text can cause you to fall back into the habit of texting him/her every day. That’s why we are here to help. Here are ways to keep your distance away from your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend:

Delete his/her number
It doesn’t matter if the two of you decided to stay friends. That can wait. Right now, focus on your own recovery. Deleting his/her number off your contacts list in your phone can help curb that urge to call or text your ex in the future.

Block his/her number
If you realise that your ex can’t seem to stop contacting you, let them know that all that should stop and that you both should stop talking for a while in order to move on. If he/she continues to call or text you, block them on your phone temporarily. Sometimes you need to take drastic measures in order to move on and that’s okay.

Don’t bother yourself with his/her life
You guys have already broken up. He is no longer in your life and you are no longer in his. Remove yourself from his/her life if you haven’t already by not stalking him/her on social media. You really don’t need to know what he or she is up to anymore. Don’t start an unhealthy obsession of stalking your ex.

Unfollow him/her on social media
When his posts on social media are still popping up on your feed and it is making you sad, maybe it’s time to unfollow them on Facebook, Instagram etc. It may sound extreme but your emotional recovery is more important right now.

Think of a bad memory you experienced with him/her
In times when you find that you’re unable to stop yourself from contacting your ex, try thinking about a bad memory you had with him/her or the reason why you two broke up. You should always remind yourself why this relationship failed and stay firm. Your willpower is the key here.

Keep yourself busy
It is normal to think about the past and go through good memories the two of you shared but don’t let that be a habit otherwise you will never be able to move on. Keep yourself busy with work or school and spend time with your friends and family. When you are busy enjoying yourself, you will find that you don’t think of them as much as before.

Avoid his/her neighbourhood
This might be hard if the both of you live in the same neighbourhood but if you don’t, avoid loitering around their neighbourhood to minimise your chances of seeing them again. Even if you don’t see them, the place can conjure up some good memories of the past and get you feeling sad and/or angry.

Go on a short vacation
If all else fails, go on a short vacation with friends, family or even yourself. After all that you have been through, you deserve to have a little fun and get into the habit of being by yourself again.

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