9 Amazing Buzzfeed-worthy Homes, Because They Might Just Do a List of Your House

Buzzfeed is famed for their quirky list-style articles and overload of reaction gifs. We show you 9 eye-popping homes that we think will send Buzzfeed reeling from their out-of-the-world designs, and make them hit the <3 button faster.

The Ritz Carlton

In this Hillcrest condo, white is the name of the game. White is a versatile colour, and when paired with glass walls and minimalist lighting, it helps the apartment achieve an effortlessly opulent vibe. Don’t be surprised if you find guests “trapped” in your so-modern-it-hurts glass wine cellar. They didn’t wander there by accident.

Interior Designer: ANSANA
Project: Hillcrest


Located in a prestigious neighbourhood, this awe-inducing landed estate is the kind that makes cars slow down as they drive by. Looking like something out of a futuristic movie, this estate blends ultra edgy feature walls and lush greenery to maximum effect.

Architect: Greg Shand Architects
Project: Cove Drive 2

New Age Castle

You can find hints of nostalgia in this retro-styled Scandinavian condo. From the window shutters that evoke memories of the iconic Chinatown shophouses to the old-school black and white mosaic tile floor, it pays homage to the past in a modern setting.

Interior Designer: Three D Conceptwerke
Project: Mutiara Crest

Fun House in the Valley

Is this an apartment or a quirky Museum of Oddities? Looking more like a fun house in a carnival, this condo is a jaw-dropper and we love how playful and full of character is it. Where does one even begin to look – the cool antler chandelier, gorgeous vintage furnishings, or the bold walls? For a house this unique, the homeowners should start charging their guests to have a peep. We kid!

Interior Designer: The Interior Lab
Project: Loyang Valley

Nautical Blue and White

Imagine if you could bottle the serenity of white sandy beaches and calm blue waters, and let it spill all over your apartment. The homeowners of this HDB apartment managed to do it, and this is the stunning result. Inspired by everything nautical, the dreamy white and blue colour scheme makes this a home that any landlocked mermaid would envy.


Interior Designer: Edge Interior
Project: Yishun Avenue 1

It’s A Jungle Out There

Eclecticism reigns in this spacious landed property. The raw, unpolished ceiling is an attention-grabber, while the diverse mix of animal-inspired furnishings amplifies the jungle safari-like vibe of the house. Throw in an assortment of mismatched armchairs and home accents to turn the eclecticism on full dial.


Interior Designer: The Design Ministry
Project: Ivory Apartment

Modern Island Paradise

What sorcery is this? This amazing water-cooled house in Bukit Timah utilises water movement to keep the house naturally cooled, instead of air conditioners which can cost a ton in utilities bills. Inside the house, the architecture is kept streamlined to mimic the smooth waves on a body of water. We’re sure that this house is the pinnacle of luxurious yet eco-friendly living.


Architect: Wallflower Architect + Design
Project: Bukit Timah (Water-Cooled House)

Lights, camera, action!

This swanky condo at Neptune Court looks more like a chic movie production studio, which will surprise guests! From the one-of-a-kind lighting pieces to the statement movie posters on the wall, it is exactly the kind of place creative individuals need to thrive and get buzzed on ideas and inspiration.


Interior Designer: Museum Homes
Project: Neptune Court

The Raw Appeal

You can never go wrong with this Instagram-worthy maisonette which will definitely strike a chord in those obsessed with all things industrial. The bare, stripped down walls and open wires with edgy dangling lights make us think of quiet nights in with Indie tunes drifting through the house.

Interior Designer: FSI
Project: Serangoon Ave Mansionette

Featured image: qanvast.com

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