9 annoying (and funny) problems that people with long hair face

It doesn’t quite matter if you have shoulder-length hair, or hair that’s reaching down to your waist; you’ve probably faced one of these problems before.

1. The HEAT
Where the hair covers your neck is mostly where the heat concentrates. And when you start sweating and your hair starts sticking to your neck? That, that’s worse. So, so much worse.

2. Maintenance
When you have long hair, there’s a lot more hair to actually wash. And then you need to use hair conditioner too, and hair serum, and a hair mask too, probably, to keep it manageable. Maybe add some hair proteins or whatever they’re called. Oh, yes, and leave-in conditioner, can’t forget that.


3. Styling your hair
Should I leave it down or tie it up? Just pull it up into a ponytail or at least try to make it look like I put some effort into styling my hair this morning? Will this braid last throughout the day or just fall apart before lunchtime? How does one actually do a French Braid?

4. Your hair gets hungry too
Unless you tie up your hair properly (Or have some kind of Force-like power), your hair will want to eat the food you eat too. Try it. Eat without binding your hair. Tell me with a straight face that none of it got into your mouth.

5. Hair, hair everywhere
I don’t really know where it comes from. And I should probably be worried that I’m actually losing that much hair considering where I manage to find it. On my comb, on the floor, in the bathroom sink, on my table, in my books….

6. Losing hair accessories
Hair ties and hair pins will inexplicably go missing (Or break). And no matter how hard you search, you will never find them. It’s like they disappear into an abyss, or maybe an alternate universe.

7. Hair being pulled
Piece of advice: Always have your hair up when you’re with a toddler. They will most probably try to pull your hair. Heck, even without the toddler, your hair will be pulled. When you sit down and lean your back against something, don’t forget your hair is there too. Because when you do and try to nod or lean your head down…. Your hair will be pulled.

8. Adjusting your hair
…. From under a bag strap, from the collar of your T-shirt, from your jacket……

9. Hair + lip gloss =
Disaster, there is no doubt.

But what? Cut my hair, you say? NEVER.