9 best-est eye makeup techniques girls can try to look amazing

The Asian’s eye shapes come in either mono lid or hooded double lid. If you belong to one of the groups, these beautiful Asian eye makeup inspirations are here for you to try.

Double the linerdouble_lineAdd a pop of color to your crease using double eyeliners. First, draw the line using black eyeliner and top it with a thin of bright color eye liner. This should make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Smokey eyessmokeZhang Ziyi looks so pretty with bold eye shadows. A fierce choice for that soft makeup shade. For almond shape eyes, smokey style creates a frame for the eyes, especially the Asians’. It creates an illusion of further apart. Don’t forget to apply thick mascara for this look!

Cross hatchcrossGel liner is like the magic wand for Asian eyes. If you want to have a budge proof coverage, use a dark color gel liner onto the outer part of eyelids and blend it in.

Whale shape eyelinerwhaleThis winged eyeliner gives an illusion of bigger eyes. Hence, apply your black eyeshadow on your top and bottom eyelids.

FuturisticfuturisticSometimes bigger isn’t always better, but bright is always bolder! It’s time to move from conventional rimming waterline to make your eyes look bigger; this bright eyeliner gives a bold look for Asian’s eyes. Draw white pencil liner to the bottom of your waterline. The more it’s obvious, the more your eyes stand out.

Blue metallic partyblue_metallicA look with a depth – this look is the result of blending bright blue and glittery silver eye shadows. A dramatic look for the party!

Play with colorscolorsIf you like a particular shade, you can use it on the top and bottom without applying any eye shadow. These colorful eyeliners are the top pick to get an instant glam look.

Orange eye shadowsorngeOrange is one of the perfect shades that match Asian’s skin tones. Take Lucy Liu here. Her makeup focuses on the lashline and up. It has dark shadow on the ends but the dominant color is sunset orange. It gives a better and fresher look for fair skin tone. For short eyes, this shadow color is like a life saver because it makes your eyes look wider.

Subtle winged eyessubtleIf you don’t like bold, this subtle winged eyes are gorgeous makeup for your daily activity. Outline the wing with dark eyeliner and blend it with brush to make a softer line.



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