9 Best Sembawang Food Places You Mustn’t Miss Even If You Live In Tampines

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Sembawang might be pretty ulu but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any good food! In fact, you’ll be surprised by how long the queues are for some of the restaurants listed below. Whether you are craving authentic Cantonese food or mouthwateringly-delicious crabs, you will find them in this gem of a neighbourhood district! So let’s take a look at all the good Sembawang food you can get!

Chong Pang Nasi Lemak

Image: hungrygowhere
Image: hungrygowhere

Sembawang Park
447 Sembawang Road, 758404
The aroma of coconut-scented rice and the crispiness of their specially-marinated chicken wings is sure to give you intense cravings for the nasi lemak here.


Image: ieatandeat
Image: ieatandeat

57 Jalan Mempurong, 759057
This bikers-themed restaurant might be a bit ulu (2.7km from Sembawang MRT) but Handlebar Sembawang is worth it to visit to chill out with your friends over a beer or two. Order their Cocaine wings, they sound dubious but it just means that their spiciness is super addictive.

Sembawang White Bee Hoon (You Huak)


22 Jalan Tampang, S(758966)
One of the most famous Sembawang food you can find is this beehoon, a seafood stir fry in white gravy. You can expect to witness scarily long queues on weekends but queuing means it’s worth it!

Sembawang Community Club

Image: foodiefc
Image: foodiefc

2 Sembawang Crescent #01-03 S(787431)
The curry chicken is cooked to perfect tenderness, while the mix of spices and curry hits all the right notes.

Soon Kee Teochew Muay

Image: pinterest
Image: pinterest

#01-04/07, Hong Heng Garden
33 Sembawang Road, 779084
Much of the food is sold out before 2pm, so be sure to come here early for the freshest porridge servings. Order the braised pork, which is perfect when paired with plain Teochew porridge.

Sum’s Kitchen (深記)

Image: chichaijiak
Image: chichaijiak

3 Jalan Legundi
Located just opposite famous Sembawang food, Sembawang White Bee Hoon, this zichar place serves one of the best roasted ducks in Singapore. So popular, in fact, that you have to call to reserve a roasted duck days in advance.

Ju Bao Hong Kong Cuisine (聚宝美食坊)

Image: wheretoeatsg
Image: wheretoeatsg

435 Sembawang Road, 758398
This restaurant serves excellent Cantonese cuisine, with highlights such as the steamed chicken with red dates and black fungus and double-boiled watercress soup.

Shami Banana Leaf Delights (Sembawang)

Image: cuisineparadise
Image: cuisineparadise


349 Sembawang Road, 758356
Their nasi briyani is unrivalled in terms of taste, not too spicy and yet bursting with South Indian flavours.

The Famous Kitchen

Image: makanqueen
Image: makanqueen

#01-01, Hong Heng Mansion
54 Sembawang Road, 779085
If you are craving for crab, this is it. Their specialty dishes include all kinds of crabs, from Chili crab to Black Pepper Crab to Salted Baked Flower Crab.

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