9 Cheapest Places To Buy Flowers During Valentine’s Day (ie Floral Garage)

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It’s that time of the year again, where girlfriends expect the sky and the moon for that special day (and a big bouquet of flowers from Floral Garage or any other florist), and guys run around like headless chickens, trying to reserve seats at that restaurant only to find that everywhere is packed. It’s also the period where there’s a huge spike in the price of flowers.

A stalk of rose that usually cost you $2 for the rest of the year could suddenly be priced at $10, and boyfriends still have to buy them because their girlfriends want them to. Guys, if you’re like most of the writers in the office, boyfriends who are too cheap or too poor to afford a proper bouquet of roses for their girlfriends, you’ll definitely have to read this article.

Because this is where I’ve listed down the 9 cheapest places you can get your flowers for V-day from, or at least as cheap as it can get during Valentine’s Day.

Cheap Flowers (Some with delivery included) In Singapore


If you’ve not known Groupon, then you have to know them now. There’s always good deals on Groupon, including flower bouquet deals. And honestly, $12 for a 3-stalk rose bouquet is as good as you can get for this season, or at least that’s what I think. Read carefully though because there might be hidden surcharge that you’re not aware of.

Website: groupon.sg


Best place to find cheap flowers, really. Many shops are selling roses online and through Carousell, you can find roses going for as low as $12. Hey, it might be Carouhell, but between this and $39.90 flowers, which would you prefer?

Website: carousell.com

Floral Garage Singapore

If you really want to get a well-arranged bouquet from florists, then you might want to go to this store. While $43 for 2 big and 3 small roses sounds expensive, wait till you see other shops selling them at $70.

Website: FloralGarageSG.com

Prince’s Flower Shop

The bouquets here start from $30, with premium roses and most importantly, cheap delivery surcharges!

Location: Prince.com.sg

Far East Flora

While they sell their bouquets at a higher price, they deliver these flowers for a flat charge. Here’s a tip, since you’re going for broke, might as well go all out by throwing in a balloon and chocolate. You’ll find it more cost-effective.

Website: fareastflora.com

Roses Only

They sell a single stalk of rose in a box for $49. It might seem expensive, but they provide same day delivery if you order before 12pm. Need last minute flowers? Here’s the place to go.

Website: rosesonly.com.sg

Flower Advisor

Flowers start from as low as $35, and they don’t charge any delivery fee. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? Especially when you’ve been looking around and you know some florists charge you $20 to $30 just for delivery.


Website: floweradvisor.com.sg


Now, don’t judge. These are the smart ones. Buy a bunch of flowers, get a container and learn how to arrange them from YouTube or wikihow. Not only is it cheaper, it also shows your sincerity and effort. Just don’t show your girlfriend this article or she’ll know why you’re doing it. To save money.

Fake Flowers

Because some of us just don’t have that kind of money. Daiso sells flowers for $2! You can even make your own roses using origami or foam paper. Just put in the effort and chances are your girlfriend will appreciate it all the same. It’s from you mah. 

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