These 9 Cool Gadgets Are a Peek Into The Future

We, millennials, are pretty addicted to gadgets and technology. There are a ton of new and inventive products in the market now that get us screaming, “I just gotta have it!”, regardless of their actual utility in our lives.

Apple Watch

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But now, with the reduced ‘wholesale’ prices on DHGate, you may be able to get your hands on some of the gadgets you’ve always wanted!

1. Android TV Box

The Android TV Box makes browsing through on-demand services a cakewalk, with Google search conveniently enabled on your TV. It not only lays out the on-demand platter before you, in the form of Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies and TV and Dailymotion, it also doubles up as a gaming console as well!
Android TV streaming box, with free TV apps
Original price: ~RM153.23
DHGate discount price: ~RM145.57
And with ShopBack’s cashback offer: ~RM144.11

2. A high-powered, big-screen smartphone

The smartphone industry is booming with both big and small players upping their game to expand their hold over the market. The market is flooded with many Chinese brands offering competitive specifications at affordable prices.
The HOMTOM HTT3 Pro is sleek device with 16GB storage and 2GB RAM. What’s more, you can get this one in 5 different colours.
An original HOMTOM HT3 Pro handset
Original price: ~RM374.23
And with ShopBack’s cashback offer: ~RM370.48

3. A super-trendy smartwatch

A smartwatch not only makes a solid style statement but adds a lot of convenience to your life. Without shelling out a lot of money, you get a timepiece that does a lot more than just tell you the time. Most smartwatch apps can be paired with your smartphone, which can be upgraded and customised at any time.
A Bluetooth-equipped u8 sports smartwatch
Original price: ~RM54.10
And with ShopBack’s cashback offer: ~RM53.55

4. The Virtual Reality Headset

Owning this wearable technology is almost every tech enthusiast’s dream. While the top virtual reality sets in the market are now the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, owning these babies may quite well leave a deep dent in your pockets. But that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing virtual reality, thanks to DHGate’s wholesale prices!

VR Box II comes with 3D glasses, VR headgear and a remote control
Original price: ~RM90.74
And with ShopBack’s cashback offer: ~RM89.83

5. A Portable, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This piece of portable technology is a life-saver for any music lover on the go. The battery-operated device is free of messy wires and can be connected seamlessly with your mobile device. This one’s not only a great gadget to own, but a great gift as well.

Enjoy the ‘sound of music’ with the DC 5V portable, waterproof, wireless blaster that comes in six different colours for every personality.A waterproof, portable, wireless Bluetooth speaker that's also waterproof
Original price: ~RM37.56
DHGate discount price: ~RM35.31
And with ShopBack’s cashback offer: ~RM34.95

6. A cool and trendy tablet

A cross between a smartphone and a laptop, a tablet is great for managing basic tasks and schedules They are also great for on-the-go entertainment, like reading an ebook, playing games or watching your favourite soaps and movies.
Take advantage of the wholesale price for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, and be the proud owner of this cool gadget that you’ve been eyeing!
The 10-inch Samsung Galaxy tab with 64GB storage
Original price: ~RM667.66
And with ShopBack’s cashback offer: ~RM660.98

7. A gaming keypad

A gaming keypad is a must-have for a video game addict because some games aren’t really suited for the normal keyboard. Check out this soft, foldable mini gaming keyboard, that not only waterproof, but also comes in a bunch of fun colours!
The foldable, waterproof keypad designed for gaming
Original price: ~RM98.67
DHGate discount price: ~RM65.12
And with ShopBack’s cashback offer: ~RM64.46

8. A power-packed power bank

There’s no denying that technology has us wrapped around its little finger. We are hooked – whether at home, at work or on the move, we need our mobile devices fully charged at all times of the day. And when we see the ominous blinking lights, our hearts sink. A long-lasting, multi-purpose power bank is what we NEED. Get this solar-power power bank from DHGate at a super affordable price!
The 30000mAh solar charger and power bank
Original price: ~RM33.73
DHGate discount price: ~RM32.05
And with ShopBack’s cashback offer: ~RM31.73

9. A chromecast

For the on-demand TV junkies, this one comes handy when you don’t own a TV Box. This HDMI media hub can be connected to a TV port so you can stream your favourite shows from Netflix and YouTube. Did we mention it doesn’t cost a bomb either?
The MiraScreen OTA TV stick dongle
Original price: ~RM59.00
And with ShopBack’s cashback offer: ~RM58.41 is a wholesale retailer, providing hefty discounts on bulk purchases for all kinds of products. Get even more additional savings in the form of cashback, when you shop through

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