9 fascinating facts about Funan Mall you must know before it closes for redevelopment


Funan DigitaLife Mall is where we go for the best deals on IT equipment. For years, it’s been the heart of the IT scene in Singapore. However, it has recently been announced that it will close down in the 3rd quarter of 2016 to undergo redevelopment for three years.

Before it closes down, let’s reminisce some interesting things about this iconic mall!

Before the mall was built, the area used to be a popular hawkers’ area.
Funan sits on a site that used to be Hock Lam Street in the Civic District, where hawkers sold food and fruits. This was also where the famous Hock Lam Hock Lam Beef Noodles originated from.

Its name was not originally Funan DigitaLife Mall.
It started out as Funan Centre in 1985 and was renamed twice from then onwards.

It changed names twice.
It was renamed in 1997 to become Funan the IT Mall and then again in 2005, to become what we now all know as Funan DigitaLife Mall. We are curious to see what the new name would be after it reopens!

It is 6 stories high.
With so many stories, no wonder you get so many IT goods gathered all in one place.

There are more than 170 shops in the mall.
That’s how you get the cheapest deals, because the competition is all housed under one roof. You can compare prices across all the shops!

It is owned and managed by Capitaland.
Capitaland is one of the biggest players in Singapore property, owning other major malls such as Raffles City and Westgate.


It is the birthplace of many famous dishes.
The famous halal eatery Qiji, known for its popiah and local dishes, first started here. Funan also housed Singapore’s first air-conditioned foodcourt, where Funan Weng sold his famous Ipoh hor fun and wonton noodles.

Challenger and Funan go hand-in-hand.
Challenger had its humble beginnings here, with only one store in Funan Centre way back in the past. Now, it’s listed on the SGX stock market and has 47 stores.

Funan was music haven.
In the past, Funan was the go-to place for music fans as it hosted Roxy Records and Dada Records. Funan also supported local music by selling both commercial and demo cassette tapes regardless of their quality.


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