9 gifts that cost less than $10 for Valentine’s Day

Broke after CNY? Don’t know what to get for your S.O? (Trust me, I have no clue either). Roses are too expensive, and your girlfriend is afraid chocolates will make her fat? With this list, you might just find your solution.

Bacon Hearts

Image: myfridgefood.com

For all bacon lovers! You can get bacon at NTUC for less than $4. Even other brands won’t cost you more than $10. Find the tutorial here!

Love Coupons

Image: homemade-gifts-made-easy.com

Search up free printables version on the Internet and print them out. Otherwise you can start from scratch. Just get a stack of coloured paper from Popular ($4) and a marker or two and start drawing away. These love coupons can be used by your partner to redeem anything, from Breakfast in Bed to a massage.

Mini Rose Bouquet

Image: pinterest.com

Get three sets of these roses from Daiso ($6) and a roll of ribbons ($2). Tie the bouquets together to make a larger bouquet, then conceal the stalks with a nice red ribbon. Then voila, your rose bouquet is done! You can attach a sweet note to the bouquet too.

Snow Globe

Image: easydiytoys.com

Get the tutorial here. Make use of plasticine or felt paper to make your interior decoration. This gift is great for sentimental girlfriends out there.

Message in a Bottle

Image: jujuhq.com

Please don’t use a plastic bottle for this. Use a glass jar, or get a mason jar from Daiso ($2). Pour out your feelings for your loved one onto paper. Once you are done, tie that paper with a small ribbon and insert into bottle/jar. Good for those old school girlfriends and boyfriends!

DIY Body Scrub

Image: smashinbeauty.com

For those with beauty fanatic girlfriends. they’ll be thankful for your efforts to moisturise their skin. Get a tutorial here. For a simple scrub, mix one part honey with two parts sugar then transfer to a mason jar. This scrub is good for those with sensitive and dry skin.

Lollipop Hearts


Image: pinterest.com

Simple as ABC! All you need is to buy some lollipops. Cut out hearts from coloured paper or any other forms of paper then paste the lollipops on the hearts. Sweet!

Be Mine Banner

Image: etsy.com

Get some markers and coloured or kraft paper, strings and stickers. Decorate away! Tutorial here.

Scratch off cards

scratch card
Image: truewhit.wordpress.com

You can these scratch off memos on Carousell for less than $3 a pack. Write a sweet note to your S.O before sealing with the scratch off sticker.

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