9 most haunted schools in Singapore (Yuying Secondary School’s on the list)

Reader: Are you going to talk about… *gulps* Yuying Secondary School?

Well, sure, if you’re ready for it.

We all have heard our fair shares of haunted places in Singapore, such as haunted parks; haunted HDB flats, haunted beaches and haunted schools.


But when it comes to haunted schools, almost all of us would think that theirs is haunted.

Which school is then really haunted?

Now, all these are based on rumours so they might not be true, but hey: it makes for a good read at night, right?

After all, we Singaporeans love ghost stories, whether real or fake.

1) Loyang Secondary School

There was a rumour that the 4th-floor girl’s toilet at the old block is haunted, and that is why the lights are kept on for 24 hours.

Some students who had helped out in the AVA room have claimed to see a ghostly lady walking along the backstage.

2) Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Not only was Ngee Ann Polytechnic rumoured to be built on burial grounds, there was a story that in the past, a female student died in one of the engineering workshops because her hair got sucked into some machine. Since then, at night, agonising screams can be heard from the workshop.

Reader: Are you getting to Yuying Secondary School? You see I was a student there on-

Yes, yes, do you know nothing about building anticipation?

3) Pei Dao Secondary School

Now known as Punggol Secondary school, it was famous for the smacking and hitting noise at night on the basketball court (though you’ve got to admit that every school seems to have this issue). The music room was also rumoured to be haunted with a piano playing by itself every night at 12am sharp. I wonder what song is played.

4) Haig Girls School

Do you know that the school is built on an area that held POWs during WWII? As such, there is an area within the school compound which has more than usual rate of accidents occurring. It seems many people would trip and fall while walking along the compound. In addition, if one walks diagonally and cuts across the field at night, you will be greeted by an old woman asking you to buy matchsticks from her. One can only wonder why it’s matchsticks and not, say, ice-cream?

5) Anglo-Chinese School

The junior college was rumoured to be haunted by a boy who jumped into the gears in the gear room of the clock tower. Students being possessed were common in the school and some would attempt to jump into the gears, just like that dead boy. Maybe the spirit of the boy wanted more people to join him. Or maybe it’s just rumours.


Reader: So many names but no Yuying Secondary School…

I’m just going to ignore you.

6) Temasek Polytechnic

The alleged haunting normally revolved around Block 18, and there are two tales about it. The first tale was that the local polytechnic was rumoured to have an Indian worker being buried inside a pillar by cement and till today, the body is still inside the pillar which was in Block 18.

The second tale was that in Temasek Polytechnic, Engine block corridors from Block 18 were so haunted that guards wouldn’t patrol that area. A famous story told by a guard was that he saw a student at a locker as he was patrolling. After a few minutes, he made a U-turn and he found a piece of newspaper on the floor with that student’s face he just saw. There’s only problem; that student was killed by a sports car at the bus stop a few months back.

7) Boon Lay Secondary School

The school had a pond in the middle of a science block with classes, and it was said that if one look at the pond at night, there will be a strange face that will surface out of it. I don’t know why this is considered a ghost story, but it should is scary if the face smiles at you.

8) Yuying Secondary School

The staff allegedly reported sightings of silhouettes of children running around Yuying Secondary School’s compound when they worked late. It was said that when the school was doing its upgrading work, construction workers quit one by one after witnessing strange occurrences. Hmm.

Reader: Yup, I’m never going back to Yuying Secondary School.


9) Bedok View Secondary School

The school’s biology lab had a toilet next to it that is haunted by a long-haired ghost. It was said that a few girls went in, saw her, and rushed out screaming in fear. When the teacher went in and looked, the ghost was gone. Till today, some people claimed to have seen it and some, who did not dispel it as a bunch of nonsense.

But whether you believe, is up to you and your judgement.