9 reasons why you shouldn’t give a damn about how your boyfriend looks

Ladies, answer this truthfully within a second: do you care about how your boyfriend looks? Yes? Then you should really go through these nine points, because you really shouldn’t, you know.

You’re mature
If you don’t care how he looks, it shows that you’re mature enough to understand that superficial things aren’t important: what’s more important is how much he likes you, what kind of future you guys would have together and how much you like him—as a person.

You like him not for his looks
If not, you should really go look for a boyfriend in a gym. Looks are merely part of a guy, and feelings would still develop even if he doesn’t look good. So here’s for all the not-so-good-looking guys: work on your attitude instead of your muscles.

You know he’s good in other things, too
Looks are genetic, while his other skills are learned. If you can see a person beyond the genes, you know you’re not someone who is judgmental.

You don’t care what others think
Many people like to share phrases like “I don’t care what others think”, but these are just words. If you don’t care how your boyfriend looks like, you’ve proven it with your actions.

You live in your own world and won’t be affected by others
People might judge you, but you stay strong and ignore anything they say. Like the previous point, if you’ve always said “I don’t care how others judge me”, you need to prove it with actions.

You don’t get attached to show off
Some people like to show off their good-looking boyfriend—well, if so, they’re attached simply to show off. You’ve just shown one thing: you love your boyfriend. Period.

You’re comfortable in your own skin
Why ponder so much about what other think? That’s your mentality, which shows that you’re not insecure.

This is true love
In love, if you don’t care whether a person is ugly or poor, it’s considered true love. Right?

You admit that there’re imperfections in every perfect person
Pretty self-explanatory, but pretty true too, eh?

This Singapore love story set in the 90s shows you why you should never wait for tomorrow. Watch it without crying:

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