9 simple D.I.Y nail arts that makes your nails look like a masterpiece

Too lazy to make an appointment, but to bored to wear the same patterns. This dilemma is like a disease that keeps coming to your nails. Ever wonder how fashion bloggers can have that gorgeous nail looks like a work of art? Now you can discover the secrets to a quick nail arts that don’t take hours to finish.

Mixture nailsnailart_1Pick a base color and paint your nail. This ombre shade nail art only needs two nail polishes and a sponge. Choose 2 different colors so the overlapping result can be visible. Drop the each nail polish side by side. Grab a clean toothpick and swirl the middle section. Dab the sponge to the mixture and place it gently to your nail. Make sure you do it only one time.

Polka dot nailsnailart_2Let bobby pin helps you with the dots. This nail art requires a little patience as you need to have that perfect dots. Simply dip the round part of your bobby pin to the nail polish and start the art work.

Graffiti nailsnailart_3Graffiti on your nails. This abstract nail art is a glamorous street style. Have a dark paint for the base and let it dry. Apply gold or glittery paint on top of it.

Rainbow nailsnailart_4Gradient color is hard to achieve on nails, if you don’t know how to. Your besties must be thinking that you’re spending hours to get the perfect gradient polish. Well, this doesn’t need a pro to help. Coat your nail with a basic color, something lighter. Pour two nail polishes next to each other and swirl the middle where they meet. Dab sponge to the paints and then to your nails without shifting.

Unique patternsnailart_5This unique pattern requires you to get your scissor and tape. Coat your nails with color base. Cut the tape into smaller pieces according to your design and place them on your nails. Paint it away.

Fishnet funnailart_6The next time you want to throw away your old loofah, well, don’t. It is a perfect design to be used for your nail art. The fishnet makes two-tone color. First, paint your nails with a color, and hold the loofah over your nail and paint it again with a contrast color.

Newspaper alertnailart_7Coat your nails with white paint and let it dry. Soak your nail in alcohol solution for 5 seconds and place the newspaper on top of your nail. Rub gently but don’t shift. Uncover your nail and finish off with transparent coat.

The rare gemstonenailart_8Place the precious stones onto your nails. This super easy art only takes a plastic to do the job. Crumple a plastic until it forms a ball. Paint a huge portion of it with bold color (glittery or metallic), dab it onto the nails.

Lazy girl nail artnailart_9This last but not least art, is for you, lazy girls. Yes you can still opt for stylish nails even when you don’t feel like taking a tape; just by adding a swipe of a contrast color to your base color.

Do you have any other nail art hacks to share? Let us know!


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