9 thoughts on Valentine’s Day only girls in a long-term relationship will have

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Most people might think that Valentine’s Day is a day full of romantic gestures and sweet-nothings. Girls usually look forward to this day the most, every year. However, the girls who are in a long-term relationship or are even already married will beg to differ. Are you already past the honeymoon-phase with your boyfriend? If so, your Valentine’s Day might have been filled with these thoughts.

Huh, today is Valentine’s Day ah?
You might not even remember the special day. You’d probably be wondering why everyone is in pairs.

I must treasure today.
This is because such a day is almost as rare as a solar eclipse, when your other half actually treats you like a princess. Once it’s 15th of February, things will return to normal.

Now, I must wait for another year.
Unless you also celebrate your anniversary, you will probably have to wait for another year before he looks at you with those weirdly loving eyes again.

These flowers look expensive, waste money leh.
If you are in a long-term relationship, you’d probably already be thinking about your boyfriend’s wallet. His money is your money, so you feel the pinch too.

I’m okay with eating anything.
Even staying at home is fine too. Newbie couples would probably be hanging out at hipster cafes or restaurants but old couples will just dine at the kopitiam or call for pizza delivery.

I can finally dress up.
Usually, you are so comfortable with your boyfriend that you don’t even bother dressing up, to the point where he will give you questioning looks if you even put on some makeup. Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to do so.

I haven’t seen him dressed up for so long.
The same goes for your other half. Most of the time, both of you are probably lounging indoors in shirts and shorts.

He’s abnormal today.
You just can’t get used to his romantic gestures. You might even burst out laughing when he says “I love you”.

Wah, the cinema changed so much.
A lot of things can change in a year, you know. Wah, last year Valentine’s Day, the seats were different leh.