9 Types Of Koi / Gong Cha Drinkers in Singapore and Malaysia

There are 9 types. Which one do you belong to?

1. No Ice

It usually boils down to 3 possible reasons. One, the person ordering this is having a monthly routine. Two, the person hates diluted bubble tea. Or three, the person wants to maximise the cost that he is paying. Having lesser or no ice increases the volume of your drink significantly, almost by HALF. Most bubble tea companies noticed this and imposed an add-on fee that ranges from 20 to 60 cents (which is frankly still worth the money if you ask me).


2. No Pearls

This phenomenon only started after some bubble tea stores decided to market their products as ‘cheaper’. The price you see is often reasonable or lower than average, and you have to top up additional money for pearls (which should have been there anyway, since that’s the whole point of bubble tea). Many patrons decided to just do away with the pearls. They were cancerous some time back ago anyway, so might as well.

3. “0% sugar”

Health-conscious people tend to opt for this option. It makes the bubble tea taste like non-bubble tea. I would suggest plain water, fruit juice, an isotonic drink, or just plain earl grey tea instead. All of which would have been cheaper anyway.


4. Same order

There are people who order the same, plain, “Pearl milk tea 70% sugar, please”. Despite pondering for what seemed to be hours in the queue, they still end up purchasing the exact same thing everytime.

5. Macchiato

Some bubble tea drinkers only go for the popular macchiato. Tilt their cup and see them rage as the contents mix. Nobody uses the straw for this one, I do not even see why the counter staff asks. Just grab the knife and go.

6. Yam

WHY? I NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHY. Might as well add a few ginko nuts to complete the dessert. Anyway, we sincerely thank you for giving us that sip everytime.

7. Flavour tester

Then, there are people who loves experimentation. It could be salted caramel, soy milk, winter melon, thenoreo chocolate the next day. Or it could be anything that is on the “Special” menu. When they say you can help them pick up “anything”, they mean it.


8. Brand Loyalty

Some drinkers swear by a single brand.

9. Hot bubble tea

Refer to point (2).

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com