9 Unique Workshops & Activities In S’pore That People Might Not Know Exist

Singapore is boring.” As a local living here, I hear this constantly from locals and visitors alike. But, chances are, is that you’ve never really looked hard enough for something more exciting or out of the ordinary to do.

So whether you are a local looking to see Singapore in a new light or a traveler who wants to avoid the common touristy attractions, here are some unconventional experiences to be had.

1) Create your own perfume

unique workshops singapore
Image Source: Oo La Lab

Scent is one of the most powerful senses we have and is closely linked with our memory. This is why people use cologne, after shave, deodorant and more to ensure we smell good. The smell of delicious food can trigger hunger and in ages past, bad smells were even associated with disease.

So if you want to have a custom made perfume or scent tailored just for you and you alone, check out one of the several perfume or scent creation workshops offered by several establishments.

Perfume Workshop
Venue: Mountbatten
Price: $125 for individual perfume workshop, $250 for couple’s workshop

Oo La Lab
Venue: Naiise @ The Cathay, B1-08
Price: $107

2) Make your own Ice Cream

unique workshops singapore
Image Source: Udders

Udders is a well-known home grown brand that offers artisan ice cream with a local twist. From their popular Rum Raisin (mixed with real rum) to Mao Shan Wang, Baileys and Bourbon, Cereal Killer and many other awesome flavours, Udders has become a popular dessert destination.

Now offering an ice cream making workshop, students are allowed behind the curtains to learn how to make their own ice cream at home without the need for expensive, bulky and specialised equipment. But if you need another reason to go, they offer a post-workshop all you can eat ice cream buffet.

Venue: Novena, Bukit Timah, Siglap, Upper Thomson
Price: From $43 per person

3) Take a DJ class

unique workshops singapore
Image Source: E-tracx

If you’ve always been on the dance floor but wondered what it would be like to be on the turntables instead and creating the beats, then maybe you could try your hand at learning how to become a DJ at E-tracX.

Complete newcomers should attend the basic club mixing DJ workshop where you get an introductory experience to DJ equipment, genres and of course, identifying and matching the beats. They also offer more advanced and genre specific classes once you’ve got the basics down.

Venue: E-TracX DJ Skool & Studios, 411A Jalan Besar
Price: Email to find out

4) Learn how to Parkour

unique workshops singapore
Image Source: Superfly Monkey Dragons

When I was a student, I used to sneak out of school round the back by traversing a tall gate at the back of my school that led to a tiny path through a wooded area to freedom. Apparently, when I wasn’t looking it has become a sport.

Parkour is essentially being able to really move. Practitioners are called traceurs and the discipline is derived from military obstacle course training. Parkour however takes it to another level and traceurs are taught how to get from point to point in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

If that appeals to you, then academies such as the awesomely named Superfly Monkey Dragons and Move Academy offer a wide variety of classes suitable for most age groups.

Superfly Monkey Dragons
Venue: Various locations
Price: From $35

Move Academy
Venue: Bishan, Clarke Quay, Holland Village, Clementi
Price: 1 week trial of unlimited classes for $30

5) A Kampung Cooking Class in the Jungle

unique workshops and activities singapore
Image Source: Cookery Magic

While most of Singapore’s Kampung culture has been eradicated or bulldozed with our forward looking modern society, some parts of it are still being kept alive by a few people.

Cookery Magic offers a one of a kind cooking class in the garden of a century old village home. Almost like stepping back in time, you can learn how to recreate classic flavours of Singapore and Asian cuisine in an outdoor kitchen reminiscent of Singapore in the 1950s.

Cookery Magic
 117 Fidelio St
Price: $50

6) Lightsaber duelling

unique workshops singapore
Image Source: The Saber Authority

The lightsaber. One of the most iconic weapons in fiction right now, every person who’s watched Star Wars and dreamed about having their own lightsaber can have their dream come true… somewhat.

While you don’t get an actual sci-fi sword of pure plasma, you do get lightsaber that looks brilliant at night and you can re-enact your favourite scenes from the movies. The Saber Authority stresses that they teach proper sword fighting techniques, so you can assured if you are ever in a sword fight, you can at least defend yourself.


The Saber Authority
Venue: Gate 1 @ Our Tampines Hub, The Deck @ Ang Mo Kio, 100Plus Promenade @ Sports Hub
Price: $25

7) Learn how to make Prata

unique workshops
Image Source: Prata Journey

Who doesn’t love roti prata? Crisp on the outside and wonderfully fluffy on the inside with a savoury curry served on the side, it is sinfully decadent and a local favourite. While it is undoubtedly a great dish, there is actually a great deal of skill involved in making the dough, stretching it and of course, flipping it before being cooked on a searingly hot surface.

Described by the Prata Journey as a “flipping great time”, you will learn how to make the dough, flip the prata and even how to make teh tarik (pulled tea) as well.

8) Walk on water… in a transparent hamster ball

unique workshops singapore
Image Source: ZOVB

If you watched Jurassic world and loved the idea of the transparent, motorised hamster balls used by the park visitors to roam amongst the dinosaurs, then this would be right up your alley.

While you’ve probably seen the giant inflatable transparent domes on terra firma, these domes by ZOVB are meant for use on water. So all you need is a swimming pool, willing participants and you are good to go for the day.


Venue: –
Price: $120 per ball per hour

9) A theatrical, mystery dinner

unique workshops and things to do singapore
Image Source: Andsoforth

Andsoforth  offers an interesting gastronomical experience. Promising art, theatre and a dose of mystery, you can look forward to a theatrical feast and visitors are sworn to secrecy. You are even called co-conspirators.

A pop-up restaurant artfully decorated is created solely for your feast. Influenced by the underground London dining subculture, the team comprises of actors, illustrators, soundscape artists and of course chefs.

Rest assured, this is a properly unique dining experience with great food and an immersive experiential story that unfolds as you eat.

Andsoforth’s Marie & The Nutcracker Multi-room Dining Experience
Venue: Secret Location
Price: $121


This article originally appeared on BeScene SG.

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