9 Ways To Make Your Woman Love You More


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When we have been in a relationship for too long, we sometimes lose the initial spark that we once had for each other when we first started dating. Many marriages end up in a divorce simply because couples do not want to and could not rekindle the love they once had. So how do you prevent you and your partner from landing in the same predicament as many other couples are already in?

Make her feel special
Don’t just buy her flowers and be extra sweet to her on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary. Sure, that is likely to be interpreted as a sweet gestures to most women but when you have done the exact same thing for the past, say, ten years, it is not as surprising anymore. Instead, treat her extra well on a day that she least expected it.

Be supportive
Can you imagine being in a relationship where you partner disagreed and did not support everything you did? Support is important in any relationship. Your woman needs to know that you have always got her back, just like how she has yours.

Be confident
According to Dr Sameer Malhotra, the head of psychiatry and psychotherapy at Fortis Hospital in New Delhi, women are more attracted to confident men. Logically speaking, it would be tiring for someone, male or female alike, to have to deal with an insecure partner and constantly has to help boost their self-esteem through consolation or praise, isn’t it?

Make her laugh
When a person laughs, he or she produces endorphins – brain chemicals that are responsible for making you feel good. So make her laugh and in turn, she will feel good about being with you.

Pay attention to detail
Most women would want a partner who is considerate and pays attention to the littlest detail. She could make a passing comment saying that the teddy bear in the shop window looks adorable and that she would like to have it. You could secretly buy it and give it to her the day after as a sweet surprise.


Do not take things for granted
Many people begin to take things for granted once their relationship gets to a comfortable stage and stop doing the things they once did for their partners when they were wooing him or her. Rekindle the love by doing the same things that you used to do for them.

Always look to improve yourself
You can’t possibly be stuck at a certain stage in life for a few decades, can you? Always look to improve yourself, be it your character, your looks, or your sense of style, and it will prove to be useful in the future with your partner.

Grow some facial hair
Women are more prone to be attracted to men with facial hair and it is scientifically proven! Having more hair simply means that you have higher testosterone levels in your body which is responsible for a more masculine look.

Build some muscle
Again with the science, women are sexually attracted to men with broader shoulders since they are a sign of strength and masculinity. If you don’t have broad shoulders, hit the gym. If you already do, you have already won the game.


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