9 weird thoughts only a girl who has a crush in secondary school will understand


Last Updated on 2017-07-24 , 12:59 pm

Ah, we all remember our secondary school days where friendships bloomed and romance blossomed. Girls and boys congregate and learn to coexist… Ok, that’s too much like Romeo and Juliet.

But seriously, secondary school is the time when most teens enter their first official relationship, because those puppy loves in primary school don’t count. And girls crushing on boys in secondary school is not uncommon.

Here are 9 thoughts that girls have while crushing on that cute basketballer/soccer player only people who have been through this phase of life would understand. Do you?

OMG he likes me
Even though he simply smiled at you or asked about your day, after which he proceed to do the same with other classmates. But this simple gesture can make a teenage girl fall deeper in love with that one guy.  

He loves me, he loves me not
You’ll then proceed to tear the petals of the bougainvillaea flower. Well, this isn’t some fairy tale, girls. Want to know if he likes you? Ask him. You don’t have to be like Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

His butt is cute
Because she’s always watching him from the back, so the only good view she has of him is his butt. Seriously. Girls hit puberty earlier anyway, right?


Does he stalk my Instagram the way I stalk his?
A girl will start having funny thoughts and hoped that he is online on his WhatsApp to chat with him, post more pictures on Instagram in the hopes of attracting his attention and getting a seal of approval from him.

He’s going to think I’m crazy and pathetic
That’s when you accidentally liked his Instagram pic from 108 weeks ago. This happened to many of us. And then she proceeds to say that there was something wrong with her Instagram or that it was her friend who took her phone. Smart.

I’m prettier and cuter than that girl he’s talking to!
Jealousy is always the case. She won’t be able to take it when she sees the boy of her dreams (for now) talking with another girl and even letting the girl flirt with him. Major heartbreak. Where’s the fairness in the world?

If we have kids I’m going to name the girl… and he names the boy…
Marriage and family plans, seriously. Many of us are guilty of this. We think that we will have a chance at possibly marrying this boy and proceed to daydream about the future instead of paying attention in class.


I think he hates me so much
When he tells you off for doing something wrong or for shadowing him. One negative comment from your crush will set you and your heart back many miles. He just means that much to you.

He wasn’t really cute anyway
When you find out your crush is in a relationship with someone else – HEARTBREAK. But you get over it and tell yourself “OMG why was I even interested in him? He’s not cute at all!” That’s right girls, go ahead and nurse your broken hearts. We understand.

Do you think this way too? Or know a friend who have these weird thoughts?

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