9 Worst Facts About Bike-Sharing In Other Countries That Show S’poreans Still Not Too Bad Lah

Bike-sharing has become major news in Singapore. It was supposed to be a convenient and cheap alternative to the commuters here.

Now? Not so much. For one, the orange and yellow two-wheel rides are being parked pretty much anywhere. Some have even been found in the corridors of HDB flats and at bus stops.

Dockless shared bikes seems like an idea that needs to be taken back to the drawing board. Can it be salvaged?

Well, sorry to scare you, but here’s 10 facts on bike-sharing that’s going on all over the world to get you super annoyed, but later realize that hey, Singaporeans actually not that bad lah.

Chinese Bike Firm Literally Shuts Down After 90% of its Bikes are Stolen

Image: wired.com

Yup, a company in China called Wukong Bikes lamented that almost all of its 1,200 rides were either lost, or stolen.

They started the business minus a GPS tracker on the bikes. By the time the realized they needed it, there was no more money left. Humans are so kind by nature, eh?

Manchester’s Failed Bike Share Scheme

Mobike’s cycles were found in bins, the back of gardens and even in the canal. Wah, they are way more distruptive disposers of bikes than we are here.

The bikes could be unlocked using a smartphone and cost only 50 pence for a 30-minute rental. New users had to hunt down bikes to people’s gardens home if they indicated they wanted to use one.

The locals had even found a way to disable the tracking system and destroy its back-wheel locks! That’s one level above what we’re doing here, no?

Abandoned Bikes along the road in San Francisco

Yes, sad story. Bikeshare company Bluegogo had some of its bright blue wheels abandoned on Castro Street. Others were leaning against the palm trees (like it was relaxing in the sun) and along the sidewalk.

City officials finally pushed its measure and got the company to pack up and go.

Docking Bikes Can Injure You or Waste Precious Minutes in New York

Image: mashable.com

New Yorkers had a couple of things to say about Citi Bike. Maintenance was an issue, with a rider saying that her bike crashed when the bicycles switched gears all of a sudden. Docking a bike in tends to take a longer time too, as it’s not easy to find a spot to dock a bike back in.

Bikes vandalised just after 4 days of launching

In UK’s Bristol, brand new rental bikes were found not only abandoned, but vandalised too. YoBikes, which is a company shared with Uber and Boris bikes, was the sad owner of the two-wheelers. The company actually has a 24-hour team in place to locate and repair their bikes.

Australia’s Footpath Problem

Melbourne’s Obike bike-share system is causing people to trip over bikes at busy footpaths, apart from being found at random street junctions. Well, at least in Singapore, this isn’t happening. Yet.

Mandatory Helmet Law Pulls the Plug on Seattle’s Bike-Share Plan

Image: cnbc.com

Pronto, the company behind Seattle’s bike-share, was already faced with financial woes and low rider numbers. When the helmet law was implemented, it pretty much delved all the way down.

Not Enough Coverage in Toronto

Bike Share Toronto faced complaints by the public that there were, well, no enough coverage for its bike network a couple of years back. The town has since paid for a US$6 million expansion to its system. Hmm…would Singapore do that?

Messy Parking in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s rented bikes are actually occupying car park lots in the country, prompting calls for regulation. Wait, does parking cost an arm and a leg over in Hong Kong? Oh. I get it. Hmmm…

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