99% of S’poreans Don’t This Before They Drive & They’re Slowly Killing Their Engines


Last Updated on 2022-08-21 , 2:52 pm

This should be very familiar to you: every morning, you’ll get into your car, start the engine and just drive off.

And because you’re always in a rush in the morning, you’ll floor the accelerator real hard. Well, good luck to you: you might be visiting the workshop very soon to overhaul your engine.

Car Engine is Cold in the Morning

The truth is, every morning, when your car is relatively cold, you need to start the engine and let it idle for around 17 seconds (i.e. warm up). This allows the oil to circulate in your engine better.

But isn’t driving the same as letting it idle?

To some extent, yes, but if you press the accelerator too hard, it’ll require more power and therefore could cause potential damage to your engine, when the engine isn’t fully circulated with oil or the temperate is still low.

Unless you’re driving a manual transmission car, you won’t feel the difference—but anyone who has driven a manual car, and start driving the moment the car is started, he’ll feel that the car is “jerky”—different from how the car would operate in normal temperate.


Some people believe that this is a myth, and it’s quite reasonable to say so—newer cars won’t need to “warm up”, therefore some technicians have sworn by the time of 17 seconds, as it’s not too long for the idling to cause damage, and not too short for the engine to be fully “warmed up”.

So, regardless of what car you drive, spend those 17 seconds. Just switch on your radio, take a sip of water or simply reply a text—and after that, it’s safe to move!

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