A complete guide to knowing a person through…his thumb

Our body parts have a lot of potential to tell a lot of things about our personality. We may not even be aware that we possess these personality traits, but when we become aware of how a physical part of our shows what’s inside us, we mostly can’t agree more. Here, we are about to tell you what your thumb says about you.

aA.The first half is longer than the second half
Unlike the fingers, your thumb is divided into parts. Now if your first half/upper phalange (biological term for bones of the fingers and thumbs) is longer than the second phalange, then you are driven by a strong sense of will power. You are a hard-working person who will eventually achieve his goal, and learn most of the things be trial and error. But you have a tendency to be a little overpowering and as a lover you can get obsessive. When you fall in love you will be totally faithful, and your excess love for a person can lead you to neglect your studies and work. Just be careful with that, and as you have a strong will power, you can overcome any situation if you decide that you have to rise above it.

bB.The second half is longer than the first half
If the second phalange is longer than the first one, then you make all your decisions based on logic, instead of will power. You have good observation skills and are mostly trustworthy. You tend to restrain yourself when it comes to falling and feeling in love, and as a result you may miss out on dome golden opportunities to find a suitable life partner. Try overcoming this issue, if you want to find love, just listen to your and let logic a back-seat for once.

cC.Both the phalanges are of equal length
The person, who has these two sections of equal length, tends to lead a balanced life, when it comes to logic and will power. You achieve your goals by an equal amount of logic and the energy and natural ability to do so. You do almost everything in a planned manner and as a result, you are able to achieve your goals. You tend to overthink on most issues, but may take only small advances and as a result may you may yourself be creating blocks and obstacles to be able to live to your full potential. Even when you are in love, you try to have an objective approach and never let emotions carry you away. You yourself wouldn’t pursue to be in a relationship and may make you feel ambiguous.

dD.Flexible thumb
If you have a flexible thumb, meaning if your top phalange can be turned backward quite easily, then you have an easy going nature. You are someone who can easily adapt to the changes and can accept the ups and downs thrown by life. But, if your thumb is too flexible, then it may mean that you are gullible and can easily be taken for a ride by people. Take care of such situations and don’t let anyone play with you.

eE.Inflexible thumb
An inflexible thumb means that you are have a rigid disposition and will not readily accept any change. You are a person who will be very careful in dealing with money, and cannot be easily manipulated by people.


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