A recap of the One-eyed Dragon firearms murder that shocked S’pore for 10 days

If you think the only gunshots you’ll hear in Singapore are in military and police training camps, then you’re wrong. In 2006, six shots were fired at a man, and the gunman apparently had six guns, and two hundred and three bullets. Known by many as the One-eyed Dragon murder, it took Singapore by storm because in ten days, the killer were not found, and was armed.

Here’s a recap for those who had forgotten about this mind-blowing case!

On 15 February 2006, nightclub co-owner Lim Hock Soon was in his apartment when Tan Chor Jin walked in. He tied up Lim and his 13-year-old daughter, and then in the study room, he shot Lim six times, who died upon that. Tan then ran off.

This shocked the nation as not only a murderer was loose, he was armed, too. As Tan was blind in one eye, he was nicknamed “One-eyed Dragon” by the media.

According to the media, Lim was a partner of a high-end nightclub, and was also involved in illegal betting. The dispute between him and One-eyed Dragon was most likely due to money. There were reports that One-eyed Dragon was an ex-triad leader, and these triads no longer exist in Singapore.

After ten days, with the media almost reporting about this daily, One-eyed Dragon was finally arrested in a five-star hotel in KL. When they found him, he had six guns, two hundred and three bullets and 4kg of drugs.

One-eyed Dragon was given the death sentence despite his appeal. However, before he died, he did one good deed: he requested that his organs to be donated after his death. His brother had then said, “He said that since he could not take these organs with him when he died, it would be better to use them to help others than let them go to waste.”

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