A recap of the shocking Huang Na murder case in 60 sec

In 2004, the Huang Na case was so high-profile that there was a massive three-week nationwide search for her. Without Facebook then, we had to rely on newspaper and news report to know the latest about the case.

It has been more than eleven years since the incident, and if Huang Na were still alive today, she would have been twenty years old. If you’ve forgotten what has happened, or were too young to understand, here’s a recap that would definitely shock you.

Huang Na’s mother came to Singapore from China as a study mama in 2003—in other words, she was in Singapore to take care of Huang Na, who was studying in Jin Tai Primary School. Huang Na’s mother worked in Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centere, and together with Huang Na, also stayed there.

Huang Na then became close with Took Leng How, a vegetable packer in the wholesale centre. According to others, he would often play with her, give her food and take her on rides on his motorbike.

On 10 October 2004, Huang Na disappeared, and was last seen in a foodcourt near the wholesale centre. What attracted many people’s attention were Huang Na’s mother efforts to find her daughter: she was seen going around the island from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. looking for her.

The police started an intensive search for Huang Na, and with the media attention, search parties formed by volunteers emerged to find her. Over 70,000 leaflets were handed out to seek information about Huang Na, and two Singaporeans even offered rewards of $10,000 and $5,000 for Huang Na’s whereabouts.

The search was on in JB and KL as well, with Huang Na’s posters being pasted in the region. About a week later, the police questioned Took Leng How as part of their investigations, and Took said that Huang Na had been kidnapped by three men. As he was not a suspect yet, the police had accompanied him home and wanted him to go through a lie detector. On the way, they had a meal and during this period, Took Leng How escaped to Malaysia.

He then turned himself him on 30 October 2004 and revealed what really happened. He said that during a hide-and-seek game with Huang Na, he accidentally strangled her to death. He then took the police to where he had hidden the body.

During the trial, Took was found guilty of murder—the prosecution had alleged that he had taken Huang Na to a storeroom and sexually assaulted her. In other words, it was not a game of hide-and-seek, but a deliberate attempt.

Took was sentenced to death, and his appeal was rejected. Meanwhile, Huang Na’s mother returned to China after that, and it was reported that she is now running a shoe distribution business in Taiwan.

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