A simple guide to tell a person’s personality from the shape of his nose


Physiognomy is the term called for the assessment of someone’s appearance, especially the face to know his or her personality. This means that by simply looking at the physical feature of a person, you will have an idea about their character and attitude.

Do you know that your nose could also tell a lot about you as a person? The shape of your nose could actually speak volumes about your personality. While this may seem weird, check out the photos below to see if it really matches your character.

1. High Nose Bridgehigh_nose_bridgeYou’re are quick-witted, confident and a perfectionist. You seek for perfection in work and have high hopes for other people. But. sometimes you’re too self-assertive and inconsiderate of others which might get in the way of your interpersonal relationships.

2. Low Nose Bridgelow_nose_bridgeYou’re cheerful and humble, but you’re not confident with yourself and you care too much about what other people think and it makes you become negative.

3. Pointed Nose Tippointed_nose_bridgeYou’re straightforward and strong-willed. Once you set your eyes on somthing, you’ll do just anything to have it. You’re also sensitive to atmospheres or moods of people.

4. Rounded Nose Tiprounded_nose_bridgeIn Chinese face reading, rounded nose tip means good luck and stability in life. You’re gentle and can get along well with others, but there’s a tendency to overwork yourself.

5. Hooked Nosehooked_noseYou are competitive and always care about winning and losing, You follow your own path and are not easily influenced, You’re also a workaholic.


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