A S’pore woman explains why they play mind games with guys


Last Updated on 2016-06-20 , 7:54 pm

When it comes to a relationship, where is the fun without some mystery and drama to spice things up in the relationship?

A little jealousy and suspicion wouldn’t hurt anyone, as long as I don’t actually do it right?

I don’t know whether he really loves me, so let’s do this to test him out?

Ok Ladies, admit it. We are all (Most of us) are guilty of Mind Games and we love to play with our men. Driving them crazy and all panicky has turned into our form of entertainment. If he starts raving about it to his circle of friends or on social media, it boosts your ego. If he comes begging and pleading to you at your door or spams you endlessly on your WhatsApp, it gives you a sense of security and adrenaline rush. Ladies love that missed calls or long explaining text.

And one day, Bam! No spam calls or texts after an argument. No pleading and begging at your doorstep. No showering of flowers and teddy bears. No “Please don’t leave/break up with me” messages.

No, nothing, zero.


You check his social media (If he hasn’t blocked you from any), he heads out and has a good time, just like you did that last time. He goes on hanging out with other girls, just like you did the last argument with other boys. He no longer raves or drowns himself in sorrow, just what you thought he would. HE, no longer does what he did, to chase,like the last time.

It was really the last time.

Then, you begin to blame him for neglecting you. You begin to complain that why he did not try harder this time to your girlfriends. You begin to panic and fear losing him. You begin to reach out to him, but you get nothing or cold replies. And you break down in tears, on the shoulders of your girlfriends as they huddle around you.

Yet, both of you didn’t have to come to this. You could have respected him as your CHOICE among the others, and treated him like he was special. You could have communicated your love for him, as he returns it in the same way. You could have worked out all of your problems by talking it out, and resolving it together. But, you did not. You chose the path of playing Mind Games, and you got played by your own games.

With every game come a Winner and a Loser. The games you play would entitle you to one of the titles. You may win at the moment, yet at what cost? Is it worth losing the person’s trust, respect and faith in you by winning the game? Will the “Loser” get tired of the game and walk away?

A relationship requires Mutual Respect. Regardless of gender, manipulation and pressure exertion from these “Mind Games” will only cause pain and fear to your other half. You do not have to break someone else’s self-worth to build yours up, or to control the other because of your own insecurities. He / She is your CHOICE among the others. Making them feel special would work wonders compared to manipulating Mind Games (Been there, done that). Stop those games, while you still can.

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