A Super Simple Hack to Stop Your Glasses from Slipping

Most young Singaporeans have Myopia, and glasses have become part and parcel of our lives.

While technology has allowed us to correct our vision, many of us still prefer to wear glasses for certain reasons, but there’s just one thing that often bothers us glasses wearer—it tends to slide down our nose every freaking second.

Many of us just live with that inconvenience, choosing to push up the glasses whenever it slips. It has become such an accepted habit that no one would find you weird for pushing up your glasses every few seconds.

Apparently, while we know there are some solutions to this (e.g. hooks at the back of the glasses or a strap behind your head), these solutions can be pretty nasty at times—it’s hard to take off and put on a pair of glasses with these solutions.

Fret not; here’s one hack by beauty YouTuber ArayaLia Mua that works like a charm. All you need are two hair ties, preferably ones that are the same colour as your glasses. Wrap them around the end of your frame, and ta-da: the glasses stay magically on your face as if it’s glued in.

The logic behind this is that the hair ties act as a “spring” that presses the glasses to your skin—think of shorts that have a waistband to keep the shorts in place.  Just see it in action with her video here!

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