A witness said what happened during the LTA officer fight. The Uber driver should be trembling now


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 4:48 pm

By now, everyone should know about the LTA officer’s infamous fight with an Uber driver that occurred last Friday. If not, here’s a recap: according to what we all knew then, a passenger booked for an Uber car, the Uber car drove into an area that was restricted to private car, a LTA officer and the Uber driver had an argument and then a physical fight, with the LTA officer throwing the first punch.

The LTA officer was fired from his job and arrested by the police. The Uber driver was then interviewed by media and told the reporters about how he had being attacked, his injuries and whatnot. LTA has then rendered assistance to the Uber driver and apologized for the incident.

Here’s the video, or you can read this article:

Now, do you see a person stopping the fight? Yeah, he has come out to give an account of what really happened.

Before this, there lie two groups of netizens: one who condemn the LTA officer’s actions, and one who believe the Uber driver is playing the victim card (since he would have surely provoked the officer).

With this new twist in this infamous viral story, you can decide which side to be in now.


Apparently, what really happened, according to the guy who stopped the fight, was this:

The Uber driver tried to enter the taxi lane but was stopped by the LTA officer. The Uber driver then winded down his window and shouted at the officer. After a heated quarrel, the officer turned away and went back to doing his work.

The Uber driver then got off his car and wiped his number plate (maybe to imply something…like a challenge?) and called the officer to summon him. The officer ignored him but the Uber driver got angry instead—and that was when the fight started.

So, what was the previous story related by the passenger and the Uber driver? Apparently, the Uber driver said that the LTA officer had given him a chance, but then took an image of his car. That was when he got out of the car and wanted to pass his details to the officer because he “got nothing to hide”…and the fight started,


So, what do you think?

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