Accurate sio: What the shape of your chin says about you


I‘m sure most readers are familiar about the fact that looking at someone’s face can reveal their personality and character traits. Did you know even the smallest details on your face can reveal many secrets about you? Here are some things that can be deciphered from the shape of your chin.

Round Chins

Round chin

Those with round chins are said to be devoted lovers and family-orientated. They are also very hospitable and they know how to balance between working and playing hard. Despite their strict nature, they can otherwise be very understanding. This combination of traits make these individuals very well-liked by others.

Square Chin

square chin

For individuals with square chins, they often stick to their own beliefs and this is seen as being stubborn, they do not like to be restricted by rules and due to their determination, they are often able to achieve success. They do like to beat around the bush, are honest, very down to earth and highly motivated.

Pointed Chin


For those with a pointed chin, you are seen by others as hot-headed, wishy-washy and inflexible. On the bright side, others also see you as outgoing, fun-loving and thoughtful person. You may find that things will go your way when your are young but difficulties may be encountered in later stages of your life.

Double Chin

double chin

A double chin may not be desirable as it may be a sign of being overweight, but this is actually an indicator of good fortune. Individuals with double chins are amiable, friendly and are seen as welcoming to others. These traits make them good leaders and many believe that with these traits, the individual may find success and fortunes in later stages of life.

W-shaped Chin


If you have a w-shaped chin, the impression that others have of you is that you are romantic and animated. You are also said to be very positive and thinking of the best outcomes no matter how tough the situation is. Due to your optimistic nature, you will be determined to achieve your goals and giving up is the last thing on your mind. This determination makes you appear to be attractive to members of the opposite sex and you find that success is something you find often.

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