All you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

A completely new design, these 2 devices are constructed out of quality materials – aluminum and glass. Based on first impressions, it seems like Samsung took cues from the design of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 6, and created some sort of a hybrid. Disregarding the Apple inspired design, we are pleased that Samsung has finally adopted a premium quality built for its flagship.


The phones come rocking with a stunning 5.1″ Quad HD (2560×1440) AMOLED display. This gives the phones an insane pixel density of 557ppi. We were impressed by the great colour reproduction and sharpness of the S6s.

Samsung has also made tremendous improvements to the colour temperature of their devices. In the past, they were infamous for over-saturating their screens, resulting in an undesirable yellowish tint. First seen on the Note 4, and now with the new S6, Samsung consumers are allowed to customise the screen display mode to their preference.


Is there a difference between the S6 and S6 Edge?


Aside from the edges and a slightly larger battery, the S6 and S6 Edge are literally identical – same processor, screen resolution, camera, and the list goes on…

Unlike what Samsung did with the Note 4 and Note 4 Edge, the S6 Edge isn’t an experiment but a comprehensive flagship device! This time, the S6 Edge comes with curves on both sides. It’s an improvement over the Note 4 Edge, which was right-handed bias with only a single curve. The slightly larger screen real estate of the S6 Edge equips users with several useful features, where the curved sides display notifications, time, favourite contacts, etc.

This time round, Samsung stepped up their built quality at the expense of the removable battery and microSD expansion. However, some saving grace would be that the baseline model now starts at 32GB (instead of 16GB). Also, the new Touchwiz operating system running Android Lollipop has been tested to offer comparable battery life performance as the S5, even with its bumped up screen resolution.

Lastly, the S6 and S6 Edge’s cameras are absolutely awesome! At 16 megapixels, now with Optical Image Stablisation (OIS) and a lower aperture for both front and rear, the phones are able to capture sharp images even in low light. Double tapping the home button now brings you straight to the camera application.


Check out the video review here:


Some improvements that aren’t game changing but worth an honorable mention?

Samsung has removed 40% of the bloatware from Touchwiz, which grants users a fluid experience with the device. Along with the changes to its software, the latest edition of Touchwiz includes a theme store for customisability as well. In addition, the phones come with a better, and actually usable, fingerprint scanner! Finally, Samsung Pay is engineered into the phones. However, far and few places adopt this payment system. Hopefully we see more of it being integrated in the future.

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