An app that can physically destroy your phone


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

It’s true. And it’s popular, too. And it’s downloaded more than 100,000 times, rated an average of four stars and have over 3,000 reviews.

Also, it’s updated regularly and, according to the developer’s website, being featured in Time magazine and NBC news.

In other words, it’s a legit, not a fly-by-night, application. It’s called S.M.T.H.: Send Me To Heaven. What you do is simple: throw your phone as high as possible to get the highest score. Catch your phone and you get your results. Miss your phone and you get to know how tough your phone is.

Well, that’s it.

This gives a new meaning to “innovative”. Flappy Bird, step aside. You’re too yesterday.

You can download the app here, but before playing it, please make sure you have an extra phone. Check out the app in action below:


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