Apparently, There’s a ‘Correct’ Way To Cook Your Maggi Mee


Last Updated on 2023-03-28 , 5:06 pm

People belonging to Generation Y typically have the habit of sleeping late and as a result, get hungry in the middle of the night a lot more often than others do.

We frequently find ourselves hunting for food like a rat in the kitchen and cooking instant noodles for our late night suppers.

Most of the time, we wonder why we still continue eating these noodles when they don’t even taste that fantastic but really, it is because we have no choice.

So have you ever wondered how we can possibly make the best out of our situation and make our noodles taste better?

There are actually some secret techniques you can make use of to cook up a delicious supper for yourself and without having to splurge on extra ingredients too!

The ‘Correct’ Way To Cook Your Maggi Mee

Here’s one way, an according to what I’ve read online (because Internet is the most reliable source of information, right?), this is apparently the correct way to cook your Maggie Mee.


Firstly, put the pot lid onto the pot while waiting for it to cook. Not only will your noodles be ready at a shorter time, it will also ensure that every bit of the soup gets absorbed into the noodles. After you are done cooking, leave the pot lid on for another five minutes.

Trust me, you can afford that extra five minutes now thanks to the time you have saved earlier. Doing this will allow your noodles to have a smoother texture and your soup thicker.

If you prefer having the dry version of instant noodles with no soup, we have a tip for you as well. Once you are done draining the water out from your pot, leave the noodles in the pot and run them under cold water.

With this method, you can ensure that your noodles will have that added texture and it will be more ‘Q’.

Do they taste better? I’ve tried it (the soup version) and all I can say is that it’s much softer…and that’s it. If you like your noodles soft, this could well be the real “correct” way.

You can also watch this video to know more about instant noodles, and why it takes exactly three minutes to cook them:

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