Tiramisu Hero Which Accuses Japanese Company of Copying Their Logo Allegedly Copied From Another Artist

Image: Gemma Correll

There are many heroes on this gigantuan planet we call Earth; VR Man, Hancock, Chuck Norris’ hamster, One Punch Man… the list goes on and on.

And yet, one particular hero stands out even within the midst of this well-established lineup:

Tiramisu Hero.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; how does a Tiramisu cafe with this ‘profile picture’…

Image: The Tiramisu Hero Facebook Page

…happens to be the leading hero of them all? Like, it literally has a thief cat as its mascot!

Well, that’s a point I’m keen to make to all of you because The Tiramisu Hero is so much more than just a bandit cat with multiple dollops of gel; rather, it’s a cafe fraught with allusions, inspiration, and yet like routine heroes it has its own allies and arch-nemesis.

And so, I write this article not to convince you guys to go for The Tiramisu Hero (this article is strictly not sponsored), but rather to tell about the story of the bandit cat, and how it became the hero it’s known as today.

It all started with a… legal tussle

A while back, The Tiramisu Hero found themselves in a little of a predicament. A Japanese company, Hero’s Produced by Tiramisu (HPT) had tried to trademark some of the images associated with their brand, such as this little kitty:

Image: The Tiramisu Hero Japan

Yeah, The Tiramisu Hero was, all of a sudden, facing the prospect of infringement…when they started the brand first.

Fortunately, however, some Japanese fans have taken Tiramisu Hero’s side over HPT, dismissing the Japanese company’s claims as alleged opportunism and unethical behaviour.

Tiramisu Hero’s founders, Aileen Koh and Peggy Chang, have also conveyed their gratitude for the support and said it was “encouraging”.

But the story doesn’t end there

Every popular superhero comic out there has one thing in common, and I’m not talking about attractive love interests;

I’m talking about altercations.

Indeed, in an effort to generate more revenue (and draw more readers in), comic authors and illustrators will make it a point to add in new altercations just because they can, even though the poor dude/lass just came back from the dead like one hour ago. Damn the cruelty. But really, just like the superhero comics, The Tiramisu Hero is not secure from further altercations, and as it is a new ‘supervillain’ has entered the picture:

An artist claiming that the Tiramisu setups have been using her designs all along.

Meet British artist Gemma Correll, who has drawn a large following with her portfolio of innovative animal designs. On 7 Feb, the artist accused Tiramisu Hero of “basing their brand” off hers and tagged Tiramisu Hero in her Instagram story.

Image: gemmacorrell Instagram

To drive home the similarity, Correll highlighted the similarity in another story.

Image: gemmacorrell Instagram

Now in all honesty, I’ve kind of gotten attached to our resident ‘thief cat’ superhero over here. But even so, I think this stage has to go to Correll:

The similarity is all too uncanny.

Our next move

At this point, there are only two options, to fight back or surrender. And it seems that our superhero is more of the tactical type, as they’ve convened to take a step back and confess to the resemblance, rather than maintain what they call the ‘act blur live longer’ mindset.

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