SingPost Imposed New Changes That’ll See Service Improvements In ‘3 to 6 Months’ Time

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Mention the word SingPost nowadays and you’ll see people grumbling about their falling standards.

Despite the fact that they’ve apologised time and again for their shortcomings.

Of course, that their apologies seemed unapologetic doesn’t help things at all.

Now, SingPost has come up with a slew of changes that they’re confident will make them the reliable postal service they once were again.

SingPost Implies Shortcomings Are Due To Increased Workload

If you’re familiar with SingPost “apologies”, you’d know that they have to justify what’s going on.

And this time isn’t any different.

They claimed that the reason their service standard is dropping recently is due to the increased workload on postmen in their service.

Because of the e-commerce surge over the past months (thinking 11.11, 9.9 Shopee Day, etc), SingPost postmen found themselves delivery more packages to doorsteps than mails to letterboxes.

On average, each postman had to carry out 50 to 60 doorstep deliveries daily.

Measures They’ll Undertake To Improve Service Standards

So what are they going to do about it?

1. Upskill the postmen

One way is to work together with Government agencies and the Union of Telecoms Employees of Singapore (UTES) to upskill the workers.

This, they said, will allow them to handle the e-commerce boom. How exactly, it wasn’t mentioned.

2. Hire more employees

SingPost also said that they’ll bolster up the number of postmen in their employment.

A hundred more postmen will be hired while another 35 mail-drop drivers will be redeployed as full-time postmen.

3. Increase counters and staff for parcel collection

4. Gives incentives for successfully delivered items

5. Reduce advertisement mail business

Confident That Service Standards Will Improve Within 3 to 6 Months

While some are wondering how fast service can improve, SingPost CEO Paul Coutts is confident that the effects of the new measurements can be felt over the next three to six months.

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